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Title:How To Find A Research Gap (Quickly!): Step-By-Step Tutorial With Examples + Free Worksheet

Learn how to find an original research gap (and consequently a research topic) as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this step-by-step walkthrough, we'll share with you a straightforward process that you can follow to find high-quality, original research gaps in any field of research. You'll also get access to our popular Research Gap Evaluation Worksheet to help you assess and rank your research topic ideas in a systematic fashion. OVERVIEW: How To Find A Research Gap 00:00 Introduction & overview 00:52 What is a research gap (definition) 02:41 Step 1: Define your broad area of interest 04:01 Step 2: Use Google Scholar to find the most recent papers 05:53 Step 3: Develop a reading list of 5 - 10 articles 07:55 Step 4: Skim-read your shortlist 09:12 Step 5: Scan the FRIN sections 12:30 Step 6: Shortlist a selection of potential research gaps 14:15 Step 7: Evaluate your research gaps/potential topics 14:50 Recap & key takeaways KEY RESOURCES: Research gaps & research topics Research gap/topic evaluator - Research gap 101: Open Access directories - Deep Dyve - To learn more about finding a high-quality research gap and developing that into a research topic, be sure to visit the Grad Coach blog at If you'd like 1:1 support with your research project, consider our private coaching service, where we hold your hand throughout the research process, from finding a research gap through to developing your final draft. To learn more, visit Our Socials 🟢 Facebook - 🟢 Twitter - 🟢 LinkedIn -


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