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Title:Timo Tolkki - Ultima Thule (Official Lyric Video)

Lyric Video from Timo Tolkki´s forthcoming album "Classical Variations and Themes 2 : Ultima Thule". Release date 1st of October. In Bandcamp 1st of September. Pre- order CD & Vinyl: Pre-Order Digital version (out 1st of September. Ultima Thule is downloadable & streamable already Ennakkotilaa Timo Tolkin viides soololevy Classical Variations and Themes 2 : Ultima Thule Julkaisupäivä: 1.10.2024 Tässä linkki: Voit myös ennakkotilata digitaaliversion tästä linkistä: (Ultima Thule on jo ladattavissa ja streamattavissa) Timo Tolkki en Chile : Estamos pre-lanzando el quinto álbum en solitario de Timo Tolkki, Classical Variations and Themes 2: Ultima Thule Puedes reservar el álbum desde este enlace: También puedes reservar el álbum en Timo Tolkki Official Facebook: Timo Tolkki Official Instagram: Timo Tolkki Official YouTube Channel: Timo Tolkki : Guitars, Bass & Keyboards Jeff Scott Soto: Vocals Jens Johansson: Keyboards Peter Dellerman: Drums Ultima Thule (words and music:Tolkki) In the land where the stars dance on ice Where the auroras paint the skies so nice Beneath the moon's pale, shimmering light Whispers of the ancients fill the night Snow-capped peaks touch the stars Whispering of all these ancient scars Legends etched in ice and stone In this land, I feel at home Through the blizzards fierce and wild Echoes of a distant child Voices lost in endless night Guiding me with spectral light Land of cold, Where tales of old In the heart of the northern sky In the land of the frozen I´ll find my purpose, my worth Hear the spirits call Land of cold Where the tales are told Under shimmering polar skies Where the heavens dance In eternal trance I come from Ultima Thule Beneath the canopy of endless frost Where the old tales aren't ever lost Whispers echo through the frozen air Copyright: Finland Entertainment Productions oy ltd All Rights Reserved


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