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Title:How to put an HTML website online (on the Internet)

Learn how to put a website online on the Internet for free with GitHub Pages (using a free GitHub Pages domain name). Learn how to buy and set up a custom domain name (like ""). Learn how to set up HTTPS SSL encryption for free. Sample website you can practice with: Namecheap: Use coupon NEWCOM598 to get a .com domain for $5.98 (33%+ OFF, new accounts only). !!! Note: don't use the Honey extension because it steals affiliate commissions. !!! If you purchase your first domain name through the link above (without using Honey) Namecheap will give this channel $1 - $2. Thank you! DNS instructions for other domain registrars: DNS lookup tool (IPv4): DNS lookup tool (IPv6): Why we set up www subdomain: Premium Courses: 🎓 Get a certificate for our courses with premium learning experience & support SuperSimpleDev! ❤️ HTML CSS Premium Course: JavaScript Premium Course: Support the SuperSimpleDev channel: ❤️ Your support will be used for equipment, software, and other necessary costs for planning, shooting, and editing courses like this. Thank you! Reference: Exercises and solutions: HTML & CSS Full Course: JavaScript Full Course: GitHub Pages Docs: 0:00 Intro 0:24 1. Put a website on the Internet 3:34 Upload our code to GitHub 7:02 How GitHub Pages works 8:24 Add an index.html 10:51 2. Set up a domain name 12:34 Get a new domain name 15:37 How the Internet Works 18:51 Set up DNS A Records 21:55 Find the IP addresses of GitHub Pages 24:00 Set up www subdomain with CNAME Record 26:07 Link our domain name in GitHub Pages 27:31 Set up HTTPS for free in GitHub Pages 29:05 Thanks for watching! Note for YouTube: there are NO paid promotions in this video. This video is not sponsored by Namecheap. I recommend them solely based on my own positive experience using their product and I share my affiliate link. I did not accept anything of value from Namecheap to make this video. #html #webhosting #learntocode #webdev #webhost #javascript #javascripttutorial #css #websites #htmltutorial #internet #online #domainname #dns #csstutorial #softwareengineering #webdevelopment #webdeveloper #webapp #frontend #backend #coding #supersimpledev


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