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Title:Master the Art of ‘Jamming’ On Bass Using These 3 Methods (Plus 3 Tips)

►► FREE: Discover how to jump start your bass playing with the BAB Beginners Starter Pack & take your playing to the next level TODAY → If you don’t know how to jam on bass, the whole idea of playing music with other people can be scary and intimidating. It’s much ‘safer’ to just stay in your room, playing by yourself. But if you did that, you’d miss out on one of the most rewarding and satisfying parts of being a bass player - making music with other people. Especially creating music from scratch! Luckily, you don’t have to know dozens of songs, thousands of licks or millions scales. In fact, you can learn how to jam on bass without any of these things. You see, there are 3 super common jamming scenarios: 1. Jamming with you on bass and a drummer 2. Jamming with a chordal player, like a guitar or a piano 3. Jamming with a full band For every scenario, there are slightly different approaches that you need to take, but there are also tips that will work in nearly every situation, and you’ll get those in the lesson as well. Of course there are other kinds of situations, but these 3 are the most common, and when you know how to approach each of them, you’ll have no trouble jamming in any of them. If you go through the lesson and STILL feel like you’re not ready to play with other people; like you need to ‘get it together’, try my Beginner’s Starter Pack to get your playing to the next level. In it, you’ll get a collection of my best lessons, plus you’ll learn the all-important element that beginners miss: the ORDER to learn things in. In my experience, there are 3 areas that beginner bass players need to focus on and you’ll learn them all in the Become A Bassist Starter Pack. To get it, just go here: Fill out the form on that page and I’ll send it straight to your email address. It’s like the roadmap I wish I had when I started playing bass and it’s 100% free. Of course if you have any questions about anything in the lesson, just drop a comment down below and I’ll answer them as best as I can. Good luck with the lesson and happy jamming! Cheers, Luke P.S. Here’s the link to the BAB Beginner’s Starter Pack again:


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