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Title:Israël - Palestine, 60 ans de violence

In 1948, the creation of the State of Israel was proclaimed. Three years after Nazism, the Jews can settle on the land of their ancestors. But for the Arab populations installed there, it is the disaster. 0:00 in 1948, David Ben-Gourion proclaimed the creation of the State of Israel, marking the end of Nazism and the beginning of the Palestinians' disaster. 7:41 1967 Six days war: the Arab rout 10:05 am In 1967, Israel won a flash victory against the Arab countries and extended its territory, thus changing its victim status to that of military power. 19:37 Palestinians resist the Israeli army during the Battle of Karameh in 1968, while bomb attacks and diversion of planes were perpetrated by Palestinian activists in the following years. 28:42 In September 1970, three planes were diverted by pirates from the Leed group and landed at an disused airport in the hands of the Palestinians in Zarka in Jordan, where 400 passengers are retained hostage, but are finally released after six days of negotiations . 38:58 The war of the Kippur and the visit of the Egyptian president Anouar El-Sadate in Israel mark a turning point in the Israeli-Arab conflict, but the Palestinians remain in a situation of refugees. 49:24 The documentary talks about the Palestinian intifada and the reaction of Israel. 1:05:11 The assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is a blow for the already fragile peace process between Israel and Palestine. 1:09:26 The peace process between Israel and Palestine is disputed, the influence of radical Islam increases and Hamas is gaining importance. 1:20:45 The documentary presents the lives of several people in Israel and Palestine, who have experienced significant events and have different aspirations. Follow us on the networks: Facebook: in


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