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Title:Netherlands Experience, Royal Flora Holland, Flower Market Holland, Flower Auction House Holland,

Netherlands Experience, Royal Flora Holland is situated in Aalsmeer in Holland and the auction house is situated in a vast area. It is a hub for the auction of flowers under one roof with a high tech facility. It first started in a pub in the year 1910 and went on to become the biggest flower auction house benefitting flower growers in Holland and around the world. The area where the auction takes place is similar to 200 soccer pitches. One can think of the massive area and the large number of flowers it handles on a daily basis. The grower is responsible to bring the flowers to the auction house between 4am and 4pm. 20% of the products come from abroad in specialised refrigerated containers. With time a workable system has been developed to receiving, storing, auctioneering and delivering within Holland and abroad also. As you can see the way the movement of flowers takes place within the auction building is worth understanding similar to Mumbai's Dabbawala who deliver tiffins on daily basis to various locations in Mumbai without making a single mistake. In my opinion, it is worth visiting the Royal Flora Holland Auction house and experience yourselves the way they operate in a massive area on a daily basis. #NetherlandsExperience#RoyalFloraHolland#RoyalFloraAuctionHouse#FlowerAuctionHouseHolland#HollandsFlowerAuctionHouse#FalharNomads# Music: YouTube Audio Library: Gaiety in the Golden Age- Aaron Kenny - Cinematic/Happy Fond Memories- SYBS -Cinematic/Happy Midnight - Dan Henig - Pop/Dramatic


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