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Title:Ryan North | How to Invent Everything

How would you fare if you were dropped into a randomly chosen period in history? Would you have any relevant knowledge to share, or ability to invent crucial technologies given the period's constraints? Ryan North, author of the non-fiction books "How To Take Over The World" and "How To Invent Everything", uses these questions to explore the technological and implicit knowledge underpinning modern civilization. Ryan North is an author, comic creator and humorist whose recent work includes the non-fiction books How To Take Over The World and How To Invent Everything. He's creator of Dinosaur Comics and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series for Marvel, along with many other books, comics and writing and his work has been translated into 16 different languages so far. North has a degree in Computational Linguistics and is known for his witty and useful explanations of technology, tools and problem solving. Subscribe to our podcasts: Explore the full series: Read more ideas on long-term thinking: The Long Now Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to fostering long-term thinking and responsibility. Our projects include a 10,000 Year Clock, endangered language preservation, thousand year+ data storage, and Long Bets, an arena for accountable predictions. Become a Long Now member to support this series, join our community, and connect with our ongoing work to explore and deepen long-term thinking: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe to our channel:


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