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Title:The 10 Greatest Synth Bass Lines Through History (and how to get the sounds)

Today we’re lucky enough to have one of my favorite bassists with us... The legendary, Ian Allison! Seriously, Ian is super talented, and if you haven’t checked out his course - How To Get Hired: A Creative Approach to Session Bass Playing - put it on your "to-do" list RIGHT NOW! It's that good. In today’s video Ian is going to show you how to recreate some of the most awesome keyboard bass parts that I’ve ever heard, but he’s going to do it with a Jazz Bass and some regular FX pedals. With so much synth bass in modern music, it’s a skill that the musicians around you will really appreciate. In this lesson you’re going to learn: - How to replicate synth sounds with a bass guitar. - Why your most important tool is an octave pedal. - How to use an envelope filter to emulate synth bass. - Why the beauty is in the repetition! - And much more.. 🔥 Download your FREE workbook → =================================================================== GET MORE BASS TIPS 👇 _________________________________________________________________ 🙌 Be the first to know - SUBSCRIBE now → 🔓 Unlock your FREE trial to transform your bass playing → ABOUT SCOTT’S BASS LESSONS (SBL) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the largest online bass education platform in the world, with an ever-expanding course library and 40,000+ active members, Scott’s Bass Lessons (SBL) has everything you need to master the bass, all in one place. Featuring beginner level bass lessons, engaging courses from expert instructors, step-by-step development curricula, direct feedback on your playing, real-time mentorship from A-list bassists and a thriving and incredibly supportive community, SBL is the perfect platform to uplevel your bass playing, whether you’re a total beginner, or an advanced pro-level bassist. Try SBL Membership today! → RECOMMENDED BASS PLAYLIST ------------------------------------------------------------- Catch up with SBL Content you’ve missed: ➡️ #bassguitarlessons #synthbass #fxpedals LINKS -------------- Tune in to our Weekly Podcast: 🎧 Explore our FREE courses: 🎸 Try our FREE GrooveTrainer App: 📱


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