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Title:How to Learn Arabic from 0 to Fluency? (Resources, Methods and Study Plans)

Learn 150+ languages with quality native-speaking teachers on italki🎉. Buy $10 get $5 for free for your first lesson using my code ZOE5: Web: App: Learn Arabic with teacher Hala Alzeat: Join our Discord community to exchange with other language learners! My instagram: 00:00 Intro 01:29 Should I start with Fusha or a dialect? 02:31 Alphabet and Pronunciation 07:11 Textbook Recommendations 08:21 Vocabulary and Listening 09:03 Beginner Study Plan 09:54 Intermediate to advanced 11:50 Dialects Learning Resources 14:00 Intermediate to advanced Study Plan Here is the list of the resources mentioned in the video : ⭐Alphabet and Pronunciation App: ✔️Arabits ✔️Kaleela ✔️AlifBee YouTube Videos ✔️Learn with Safa’a ✔️Learn Arabic - Arabic Alphabet Made Easy - Alef and Nun ✔️Arabic Alphabet Pronunciation ✔️Introduction to Perfect Arabic Pronunciation ✔️Complete Arabic Alphabet in detail ⭐Textbooks Recommendation For French speaker ✔️Cahier d'écriture arabe - Les bases, Abdelghani Benali, Assimil ✔️Manuel d'arabe moderne (volume1&2 ),Luc-Willy DEHEUVELS, ASIATHEQUE ✔️Méthode express Arabe, Hafid Ait-Kaki & Samia CHENIOUR, Harrap's Classic MSA manuels For English Speaker ✔️Mastering Arabic 1 (Macmillan Master Series (Languages), Jane Wightwick (Autor), Mahmoud Gaafar,Red Globe Press ✔️Al-Kitaab series, Georgetown University Press ⭐Vocabulary ✔️ SRS: Anki , Quizlet, Mmemrise ⭐Dictionaries ✔️Almaany: ✔️Reverso Arabic:… ✔️Reverso conjugation:… ⭐YouTube Channels for beginner level ✔️ Learn Modern standard Arabic ✔️EKO talk ✔️Learn Arabic with Arabicpod 101 ✔️ Arabic Khatawat ✔️Learn Arabic with Arabicpod 101 ⭐Podcasts ✔️A bit of Arabic ⭐Anki beginner decks: Fusha Fusha Intermediate to advanced level: ⭐Anki Decks Fusha Fusha inception movie subtitles in Arabic Fusha Levantine Egyptian ⭐Youtube channels: ✔️AlJazeera Channel قناة الجزيرة ✔️Al Jazeera Documentary الجزيرة الوثائقية ✔️AJ+ عربي ✔️فرانس 24 / FRANCE 24 Arabic ✔️Midan - ميدان ⭐Podcast ✔️AlJazeera podcast بودكاست الجزيرة (My favorite is رموز) ✔️ AL Sowt صوت ✔️Sarde After Dinner - سردة ✔️هدوء Hodoo'a Dialects 🟡Egyptian dialect ✔️Kallimini Arabi Bishweesh, Samia Louis, The American University in Cairo Press ✔️Kallimini Arabi Aktar, Samia Louis, The American University in Cairo Press ✔️Kallimni Arabi Mazboot, Samia Louis, The American University in Cairo Press ✔️The Big Fat Book of Egyptian Arabic Verbs, Lingualism 🟢Levantine Arabic ✔️Levantine Arabic Verbs: Anki Flashcards, Lingualism ✔️Syrian Arabic Voices, Lingualism ⭐Youtube channels: ✔️(Different dialects) Anas Bukhash أنس بوخش ✔️(Different dialects: Syrian & Egyptian) AJ+ كبريت ⭐Websites ✔️AlJazeera learn Arabic for Series and movies ✔️Shahid ✔️Netflix/Arabic


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