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Title:Street Food in Sunday Bazaar Karachi | Pakistan Food Street

In a diverse city like Karachi that's full of people from all classes and regions, marketplace are a need for the people. Sunday Markets are one of these marketplaces which have become a trademark of the city. Sunday Markets are temporary marketplaces set up by the government for the working class where one can find almost everything that a common man needs with much reasonable prices than a normal supermarket. Although these "Bachat Bazaars" (Saving Bazaars) are set up throughout the week at different locations, most people tend to shop at the Sunday Markets because that's when most people are off work. These bazaars are full of people and one can find people of all classes here due to the lower prices. The environment of these bazaars is rich with cultural food, msasalas and achaars (Pickels) and everything from crockery items to clothes are available here. You would find the true Pakistani market culture here and everyone can feel the enrichment of Pakistani markets and the mingling of people from all classes. All in all, These marketplaces tend to become a weekly festival for the people who can find joy in simpler things in life and this makes the whole marketplace a strangely beautiful place. Camera I am using: Smartphone Vlogging Setup: (Note: Some external mics don't work on Android phones) USEFUL LINKS: Gorilla pod: Mini tripod : collar mic for smartphone or cameras: Rode compact mic: Sony vlogging camera A: Sony vlogging camera B : Canon vlogging camera: ------------------------------------------ Sunday Market Location: --------------------------------------------- FOLLOW: Instagram: Facebook:


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