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Title:123. Best Of: Why Curiosity Is Communication’s Secret Weapon

The information you receive is only as strong as the questions you ask. This week we revisit Matt's ( discussion with Debra Schifrin ( about how to craft inquiries that can lead to better communication outcomes. Questions are also instrumental in building relationships, Schifrin points out. “If you’re asking questions, you’re signaling to the other person that you value them. You’re taking time to listen to their answers.” For a full transcript of this conversation, visit our website ( Chapters: (00:00) Introduction to the Episode and Guest (01:47) The Role and Importance of Questions Debra Schifrin discusses the various goals and purposes of asking questions, such as getting information and building relationships. (02:36) Questions in Building Relationships and Coaching Focus on how questions help in building relationships and their use in coaching and mentoring. (04:41) Negative Aspects of Question Asking Discussion about the darker goals of asking questions, like intimidation or avoiding responsibility. (06:57) The Impact of Tone in Question Asking Examination of how tone can significantly alter the perception and effectiveness of questions. (08:19) Creating Effective Questions Strategies for formulating good questions, emphasizing the use of value-related words. (10:10) Advice for Business Leaders on Question Asking Guidance for leaders on the importance of bravery in asking questions and being open to unexpected answers. (11:53) Context and Best Practices in Question Asking The relevance of context in questioning and best practices rooted in a mindset of curiosity. (15:25) Debra Schifrin's Secret Weapon in Questioning Schifrin's "killer last question" technique and its effectiveness in eliciting insightful responses. (17:19) Experiment with Different Questioning Styles An experiment demonstrating the impact of different ways of asking questions on the responses received. (19:00) Wrap-up and Final Questions Concluding part where Matt asks Debra Schifrin his three standard questions for all podcast guests, focusing on communication advice, admired communicators, and successful communication ingredients. Connect: Episode Transcripts Think Fast Talk Smart Website ( Think Fast Talk Smart LinkedIn Page ( & Instagram ( Matt Abrahams LinkedIn ( Stanford GSB LinkedIn ( & Twitter (


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