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Title:SanDisk USB not showing up. Repair fix with a swap

In this video I will show you how to deal with a USB with a broken USB header that will not work after repairing it. The light would come on but the drive still wouldn't work. After finding an identical donor, I moved the chips over to the donor board and the result can be seen in the video! Do you need data recovery? Do you want to be featured in one of my videos? Contact me via email 0:00 Issue explained 1:10 Preping the donor2 2:13 Removing patient chips 3:00 Swap 3:56 Test 4:25 Final words ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of the tools that we use: ruSolut Monolith adapter ruSolut eMMC Adapters ruSolut TSOP adapter ruSolut Visual Nand Reconstructor FlashExtractor Z3X EasyJtag + UFS JBC NANO Hakko Soldering Iron FM-203 Hakko Rework Station 810B Quick 8610W Rework Station ACHI IR6500 BGA Station PC-3000 UDMA PC-3000 Portable III +SSD and nVMe DeepSpar 3 DeepSpar 4 DeepSpar DPI PCI-E NVME Addon DeepSpar Forensic Addon DeepSpar Network Addon ZXW Tools Adobe Premiere CC Adobe Photoshop CC Camtasia Studio Cellebrite Tools MSAB XRY Magnet Forensics IEF Magnet Axiom X-Ways FTK Imager Various Linux Distros ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Kupla - Droplet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock footage: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All graphics created by Data Rescue Labs Need data recovery service? Forensic service? Contact us today Data Rescue Labs Inc 145 Traders Blvd East Unit 8 Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3L3 Canada Copyright (c) Data Rescue Labs Inc 2024 1-877-681-4131 #cybersecurity #fraud #malware


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