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Title:BiBi went missing when it rained thunder!

BiBi went missing when it rained thunder! It's thundering, worried dad ran down to find BiBi! However, when going down, Bibi was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere in the house but couldn't find it. Heavy rain. Dad runs in the morning at BiBi cafe or comes to visit every day but still can't find it. At this time, my father was very worried because Bibi was afraid of thunder, so he ran away somewhere. Dad ran back to get a flashlight and searched every corner of the house but couldn't find Bibi. Continue to run to the places where BiBi often picks fruit to eat but can't see it. Continue to the cafe to ask to go to the 2nd floor where the fish tank is to find out if there is BiBi. But did not see BiBi. At this time, Dad continued to go home to find the corners of the house again. It was lucky to see BiBi crawl into a corner of the jar. He was afraid of thunder so he hid there. I feel that BiBi is very afraid of thunder. ------------------------------------ Welcome to Bibi Monkey channel Channel sharing about the daily life of Bibi monkey! Hope you have a good time watching Bibi. Thank you for watching! ☞Join channel members to support the Bibi Monkey to have more : ☞ Subscribe to receive the latest video notifications AND Don't forget to share the Bibi Monkey with your family. ☞ Donated to BiBi Monkey with Paypal: © Copyright by Bibi Monkey #Bibimonkey #Animals #Cutemonkey


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