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Title:Season 2: Extra Long Episode 1, 2 and 3 | Wolfblood

In this new Wolfblood video you can see an extra long episode of episode 1, 2 and 3 in Season 2! 🐺 Full Episode 1: Leader of the Pack Maddy and her parents transform in their cellar, unaware a stuffed owl given to them by Shannon contains a camera as she wants to film them to show that they are harmless. That night Rhydian returns to Stoneybridge, as a wolf, pursued by three vicious wolves, led by Alric, who hates him for being different, and takes refuge with Maddy's family. Next day the trio, now in human form, stay around and follow Rhydian to school but they are thwarted by Maddy, Shannon and Tom, who photograph them and threaten to expose them by publishing the photos, and leave. Full Episode 2: The Girl from Nowhere Emma and Daniel, Maddy's parents, let Rhydian stay with them but he is followed into school by Alric's daughter Jana, who claims her father has expelled her from his pack. Jana's feral behaviour does not go down well with her class-mates and she fights Jimi, who has accused her of stealing meat from his father's hotel. However, when Jana says she only wants to be friends with her, Maddy teaches her to control her impulses and her parents let her stay in an old caravan in woods adjoining their house. Full Episode 3: Grave Consequences A skeleton found in a field is believed to be that of a werewolf. Jana divines it as being an urban wolfblood killed two centuries ago and forensic scientist Dr Whitewood arrives, discovering a silver bullet in its remains. Jana wants them to be given a decent burial and, despite their misgivings that they will be incriminated, Maddy and Rhydian steal them to be buried. Maddy is afraid that Dr Whitewood has taken her DNA after she gets in a fight but Shannon swaps it for her own. Enjoy this Wolfblood video! 🐺💕 Which scene do you like best? Let us know in the comments! 👀 ---------- Welcome to the official channel of the TV series „Wolfblood“! We’re uploading a new video with exclusive scenes and information about your favourite wolfbloods every Friday at 18 pm (CET +000). Don't miss any new videos and become part of the Wolfblood community Subscribe to our channel for free and activate the bell to be always up to date. 🐺 Subscribe to Wolfblood now: ---------- Wolfblood is about the almost normal teenager Maddy Smith who is living with her parents in a small rural town. The “almost” is because she’s a Wolfblood! Neither completely wolves nor humans, Wolfbloods have great powers – super speed, strength and senses – and can change from one form to another. Just as Maddy’s getting ready for her first transformation, a new boy, Rhydian, starts at her school – and they both instinctively know their true nature. Rhydian helps Maddy master her first challenge, but after that, she’s got to learn to control her powers on her own. Rhydian, meanwhile has to cope with his mother, a “wild” Wolfblood who wants her son to roam free as a wolf. For both Maddy and Rhydian, the main question is “As we grow up, how do we know who we should be?” – a question only they can answer in this thrilling series called Wolfblood. 🐺 #Wolfblood #Wolfbloods #WolfbloodCast


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