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Title:How to Fix Yandere Simulator - A Yandere Simulator Code Review

Yandere Simulator has a problem. Bad code, poor performance, no concrete gameplay loop and more. In this Yandere Simulator code review, we'll analyse Yandere Simulator’s code and discuss how to fix the game. From code optimization, to poor graphics performance and low frame rate, to a breakdown of IF Statements and 17,000 lines of code in the StudentScript. We review many ways of fixing or improving Yandere Simulator’s programming within the Unity Game Engine. Game Development and coding can be hard - this video is not intended to insult YandereDev (despite the negativity he seems to like to create), those just starting off, or bad programming in general, rather for us to learn from poorly performing code and explore better game development practices and general game development tips. YandereDev is not known for welcoming advice of any kind and often sees it as an insult, but thats how it should be taken. This popular indie game is a perfect example to learn from bad programming practices as we talk about what not to do and how not to act as a Game Developer. The game Watashi No Mono and Lovesick are great examples of good game development practices. I don't claim to be a Game Dev expert or Unity expert whatsoever, but it doesn't take an expert to understand why some of these practices aren't exactly favoured and contribute to the poor performance of the game. Are ya coding son? 💻 Socials Second Channel: Support me on Patreon: Follow me on X (Twitter): Join me LIVE on Twitch: 🎬 Timestamps Introduction - 00:00 The StudentScript Script - 01:20 C# Events - 04:54 IF Statements - 06:45 Expensive Unity API Method Calls - 09:13 Pathfinding - 10:52 Graphics: Frame Rate, Assets, Occlusion Culling- 10:54 Coding Consistency - 13:59 Accepting Help - 15:22 The Best Bit - 18:21 🔗 Links Unite Europe 2017 - Squeezing Unity: Tips for raising performance ( GameGrumps: G R U M P W A V E ( Stay Safe and Thanks for watching! ~(˘▾˘~) #YandereSimulator #YandereDev #GameDevelopment


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