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Title:Sweden's CV90 or Germany's Marder - Which IFV is better?

Sweden's CV90 or Germany's Marder - Which IFV is better? ► Subscribe to Grid 88: Sweden's CV90 or Germany's Marder - Which IFV is better? When comparing infantry fighting vehicles, two prominent names that come to mind are Sweden's CV90 and Germany's Marder. Both IFVs have seen extensive service with their respective countries and other operators around the world. These IFVs have undergone several upgrades and modernizations over the years to stay effective in modern warfare. Although there are some similarities between the two vehicles, their design, capabilities, and performance exhibit notable differences. In this comparison, we will take a closer look at the CV90 and Marder and examine their strengths and weaknesses to determine which IFV is better. The latest variant of CV90 is a fifth generation IFV designed by BAE Systems for the Swedish Army. The IFV was designed to operate efficiently in the sub-Arctic climate of the Nordic region, providing excellent mobility in snowy and wetland terrains. The vehicle entered service in 1993, and since then it has been sold to several countries, including Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, and the Netherlands. The current variant CV90 mark 4 is highly modular which can perform roles ranging from troop transport to anti-aircraft and anti-tank warfare. The IFV can accommodate a crew of three and transport 6 troops. Since its introduction, around 1280 units have been produced of different variants. On the other hand, the Marder is a German IFV that entered service with the Bundeswehr in 1971. It was designed to replace the older M113 armored personnel carrier and was named after the German word for marten, a swift and agile predator. The IFV has been exported to several countries including Greece, Chile, Indonesia, Jordan, and Ukraine, and it has been deployed in the Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan. The Marder has seen significant upgrades over the years, including improved armor, weapons, and electronics. The latest variant, 1A51 has a crew of three and can transport up to six soldiers. In total, over 2,100 units of different variants have been produced to date. Both IFVs pack quite a punch when it comes to their weaponry. The Swedish IFV takes the lead with a more powerful gun that can reach targets from a greater distance. But hold on, the Marder counters with an anti-tank missile that matches the CV90's range. The IFV spices things up with multi-purpose grenade launchers, giving it even more firepower with different types of grenades. However, the Marder brings in a whole arsenal of its own, including anti-tank guided missiles and a rifle, which could really come in handy in specific situations. Watch complete video for analysis of mobility, firepower and detailed conclusion. Chapters Intro 00:00 Overview of CV90 01:10 Overview of Marder 01:58 Design of CV90 02:44 Design of Marder 03:40 Design Conclusion 04:23 CV90 Mobility 04:47 Marder Mobility 05:11 Mobility Conclusion 05:32 CV90 Optics 05:41 Marder Optics 06:16 Firepower of CV90 06:46 Firepower of Marder 07:44 Firepower Conclusion 08:28 FOLLOW us on Social Media: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Become a Patreon: ► Germany’s Leopard 2 vs Russia’s T 90 Tank - Ready for final showdown? ► US Patriot vs Russia’s S-400 ► Eurofighter Typhoon vs Russia’s Su-30 ► Can SEAL Team 6 Overpower Delta Force? Playlists ► Military Credits 1)Forsvarsmakten 2)BAE Systems 3)Bundeswehr All content on Grid 88 is presented for only educational purposes. The appearance of Forsvarsmakten, BAE Systems and Bundeswehr don’t imply or constitute the respective entities or this channel’s endorsement. #CV90 #Marder #IFV


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