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🌻🌞 NEW GARTEN OF BAN BAN πŸ”₯🌊πŸͺ΄πŸŒ¬οΈ IS HERE πŸ‘‰ - What a blatant discussion, Flumbo can't stand Banban anymore and to make it clear, he spills a can of acid on him, and then hits him directly with the can!! 00:00 - BANBAN BUYS HIS FIRST HOUSE?! 06:26 - FLUMBO IS NOT A MONSTER! 12:13 - FLUMBO FALLS in LOVE?! βœ…πŸ“ΊBest YouTube Animations: @CartoonGamesYT Don't leave without leaving your LIKE ❀️and comment below! I'll be reading you!πŸŽ‰ The creepy kindergarten is full of monsters! Yes it's GARTEN OF BAN BAN 6, the most terrifying place that will give you goosebumps just by entering, so join PLAYER to explore the mysterious establishment, the rule is not to lose your life or your sanity; are you ready for action? The goal will be to go through several areas where you must survive the monsters, using a drone that will help you interact with buttons, and solving various puzzles, so use your head to generate a strategy and avoid at all costs the fearsome monsters. - GARTEN OF BAN BAN In the game you will be a father who is looking for his missing son, has been several days without knowing about him and the last thing that was known is that he was in GARTEN OF BAN BAN, his father who will be the character with whom you can interact, will be that you must survive for the search in the fearsome corridors. The story begins inside a children's school, where after opening a door and finding a toy drone, the protagonist will go in search of a power source (batteries) to make it work. Thanks to this drone he can press buttons that allow him to open doors, so he finds a hallway with the head of one of the monsters of the school, it is Opila Bird, staring at him. After a puzzle, he finds himself in a room that artificially recreates the environment of an outdoor playground and must complete the most difficult mission, which is to feed eggs to Opila. Once the mission is completed, a door opens and after another puzzle, the father is forced to escape from Opila by doing professional parkour.... GARTEN OF BANBAN 3 The game starts with an elevator crash that takes the player to the Ground Level, where Queen Bouncelia's hidden art is found. Banban, who has gone insane, isolates himself in a security room. Stinger Flynn breaches the room and reveals that he knows the whereabouts of the children. To access the cafeteria, the player must deposit oddities or crayons, granting further access. In the Aquatic sector, the player collects batteries to enter a hallway with various species. Flynn wakes up and shows the player his old home and the location of a cannon minigame. In a vision of the past, a hungry Banban searches for the player. As Flynn, the player meets Slow Seline, who guides them down the hallway. The player wakes up in Toadster's Jail, containing puzzles and a videotape depicting Sheriff Toadster's donor. In the Medical Sector, Banban explains the creation of Nabnaleena as a solution to mass slaughter. Solving a puzzle correctly grants access to the sound area, while failure results in Nabnaleena attacking. Nabnab and Nabnaleena have a romantic scene interrupted by Jumbo Josh or Stinger Flynn, causing Nabnaleena to flee. The player awakens in a room with Banbaleena and Nabnab. The objective is to escape without alerting Jumbo Josh. Unlocking a door leads Banbaleena to follow until the Arboreal Sector. Flynn takes the player to a puzzle area with Chamataki and Tamataki. Upon waking up, the player engages in a boss fight with a hybrid creature. Escaping brings the player to a long hallway where they must find Mr. Kabob Man to scare Baby Opila and reunite her with Opila. #gartenofbanban4 #gartenofbanban #gartenofbanban7


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