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Title:RankMath PRO | In-Depth Tutorial 2024

In this in-depth RankMath PRO Tutorial we will be covering EVERY aspect of RankMath PRO. Get it here ✅ We will also be optimizing pages, so you know exactly how that works 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Start here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Do you want to support me? Leave a like, watch another video from me, buy a RankMath subscription via the link below. That will help me enormously to create these free videos for you and keep going! ⇒ Software that I recommend: ✅ RankMath PRO ⇒ ✅ Hosting & domain ⇒ ✅ Best caching plugin ⇒ ✅ Divi with 10% discount ⇒ ✅ Elementor Pro ⇒ ⇒ See my PC build and studio gear: 🖥️ ⇒ Top video's I recommend: I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started. ⏱️Timestamps⏱️ 0:00 Intro 0:27 Get RankMath Pro 2:23 Install RankMath Pro 2:57 Setup Wizard 16:16 All Dashboard Modules 17:00 Content AI 19:11 404 Moitor 21:20 Analytics 23:56 Image SEO 28:17 Instant Indexing 29:17 Local SEO 41:57 Redirectionss 44:06 Schema Structured Data 44:37 Role Manager 44:54 SEO Analyzer 45:53 Sitemap 48:20 All Menu Settings 48:28 Content AI 49:18 Blog Post AI Ideas 52:08 Content Editor 53:15 RankBot 54:16 History 54:30 Analytics 55:48 SEO Performance 56:12 Rank Tracker 58:33 General Settings 58:50 Links 1:01:02 Breadcrumbs 1:03:50 Images 1:04:23 Webmaster Tools 1:05:06 Robots.txt 1:05:32 Others 1:06:45 Blocks 1:07:52 Edit .htaccess 1:08:27 Content AI 1:08:34 Redirections 1:08:37 404 Monitor 1:08:40 Analytics 1:08:52 Titles & Meta 1:12:08 Local SEO 1:12:16 Social Meta 1:13:18 Homepage 1:13:28 Post format 1:14:33 Authors 1:15:22 Misc Pages 1:16:41 Post types 1:22:16 Sitemap Settings 1:23:21 HTML Sitemap 1:24:55 Post Types 1:26:13 Instand Indexing 1:26:49 Schema Templates 1:27:08 404 Monitor 1:29:21 Redirections 1:30:52 SEO Analyzer 1:31:42 Status & Tools 1:34:26 Optimizing the Homepage 1:48:26 Optimizing a Landingspage 1:57:54 Optimizing About us & Contact page Thank you for watching! 😀 ✅For tips and tricks on getting the most out of WordPress, don't forget to subscribe: 🧾 Transscript 🧾 In this calm, step by step, in-depth tutorial, we are going to use RankMath PRO to optimize our WordPress website for search engines. I will be showing you every single setting, feature and possibility within RankMath PRO and explain to you why or when you should use this specific feature. We also will be optimizing pages so you know how that works. The first thing to do, of course, is to get RankMath PRO. To do that, we go to This link is also in the comment section below this video, so feel free to click on that one. And then we are at the website of RankMath, a very powerful SEO plugin. I have made an extensive tutorial about the free version of RankMath, But right now we're going to walk through the entire premium version of RankMath. And trust me, it is a very good investment. There are some big differences between the free version and the premium version of RankMath. For example, the Advanced Google Analytics 4 is only in the PRO version. Keyword rank tracker; tracks keywords, you can track 500 keywords with the PRO, 10,000, business and agency even more. Also the content AI trial, with 5000 credits and even more when you get up a bigger plan. Then you can also track your Google index status, The most Advanced Schema Generator, SEO performance, email report white label them, for your clients, if you're going with the business. There are so many things inside of this PRO plugin which is really worth your money. Then we go all the way up. And I'm going with the PRO version. Perfect for bloggers, individuals and solopreneurs. Click on 'Buy'. You even get a small discount, which is excellent. Then fill in your email address and your desired payment method, your details, don't forget to agree with the terms of service and press 'Pay'. Then you receive an email from RankMath with the invoice and then you can login into your dashboard. And the only thing we need to do on our RankMath dashboard is to press on this download button, click on it. And then we log in to our WordPress website. If you're still logging in using /wp-admin/ that's not a very safe way, so please watch my tutorial about securing your WordPress website with one of these. And on your dashboard we go to 'Plugins' - 'Add New Plugin'. Press on 'Upload plugin' and select the file we've just downloaded from RankMath. And then we press 'Install Now'. Then press this blue button 'Activate plugin'. Here we go. Now the RankMath plugin has been activated... #rankmath #wordpressSEO


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