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Title:32 EASY Tips To GROW From 0 Viewers On Twitch!

Starting a Twitch channel essentially means you're going to be trying to grow from 0 viewers, and that is okay! It is incredibly difficult, but everyone starts somewhere! Today we're going to cover 32 easy tips to help you grow your Twitch channel from 0 viewers! You can expect To Have 0 To no viewers for your first stream or week, I want you to turn off the viewer count, and Stream Like You Have 100s of viewers for two reasons, first to build up your confidence and practice your skills as an entertainer. You need to think about EVERY SINGLE STREAM as if it is producing content for other platforms, if you sit there waiting for a single viewer before being entertaining, just playing a game zombie-faced, then you are wasting your time. You need to stream with the idea of making content for Tik tok, Yt shorts, instagram, full youtube videos, and any of the thousands of other platforms. 👑 Check out Eljay Live Right now: 🔴 BEST Full Stream Packages By OWN3D: 🔴 Download FREE Animated Overlays From Our Discord: How To Grow On Twitch? If you want to grow your Twitch stream, it is important to be critical. Being critical isn’t a bad thing, people say, “Oh don’t be so critical of yourself!”. But there are a lot of things you can control and improve, such as your visuals, audio, and most importantly your content that you’re creating. Watch back your VoD and be honest with yourself, is it up to scratch. Does your mic sound good? Are you engaging? Is it easy to watch and enjoy or is there something that is off-putting? Be honest, push yourself to grow, and become a better entertainer! Because at the end of the day, the only way you are going to grow your stream is by growing yourself and being critical in a positive way. 🕘Timestamps: 0:00 Video Start! 0:33 Introduction And Challenge! 1:10 OWN3D Sponsor Segment 2:00 How To Stream To 0 Viewers AND Grow! 3:20 How To Use Titles, Tags, And Categories To Grow On Twitch! 4:30 Why You NEED To Save EVERY Stream! 6:00 The Major Reason New Streamers Quit Streaming! 6:35 How To Protect Yourself On Social Media And Twitch! 8:18 Why You NEED A Consistent Stream Schedule! 9:05 How To Grow WITHOUT A Consistent Twitch Stream Schedule! 10:10 The MOST Important Piece Of Advice For New Creators 11:30 Why You NEED To Spend More Time Learning OBS or Streamlabs OBS 12:20 How To Fix a Laggy Stream Inside OBS And Streamlabs OBS 13:45 How To Know What Bitrate You Should Use? 14:00 This ONE Setting Will Destroy Your Stream! 14:20 How To Get BETTER Microphone Audio On Twitch! 15:35 How To Check Your Game Works BEFORE Streaming! 16:00 How To Fix Stream Delay On Twitch! 16:20 How To Turn On Disconnect Protection On Twitch! 16:55 Crucial Webcam Tips For Streamers! 18:30 STOP Upgrading Your Stream Setup! 19:30 Why You NEED To Watch Your Own Twitch VoDs! 20:50 How To Use Social Media To Grow On Twitch! 21:30 How To Setup A Discord Server For Your Stream! 21:50 Why You Need To Engage Viewers To Chat! 22:30 Why You Need To Plan Out Your Content! 23:05 How To Stand Out On Twitch to Grow! 23:55 How To Find Good Streamer Communities! 24:30 How To Grow Early On As A Streamer! 25:10 The Major Mistake New Creators Make Every Day! 26:10 The Final Tip That Will Stop You Wasting Your Time. What Bitrate And Settings Should I Use For Streaming? The easiest way to understand bitrate is by calling what it actually is, your upload speed to the Twitch servers. Now you’ll need a higher bitrate depending on how high quality you want your stream to be, this means 1080p 60 frames per second will need a bitrate of 6000, which roughly equals 6megabits upload speed on your end being taken up By lowering your resolution and framerate, you can make it a lot easier to stream, for example, if you set your base canvas size to 1920x1080, but change your output to 1280x720 otherwise known as 720p you drop down to only needing a bitrate of 4500 or 4.5megabits. If you still want 1080, you can even just lower your framerate from 60fps to 30fps and then adjust to 4500bitrate. For more information visit this Bitrate graph: The style of this video is similar to Alpha Gaming and Gaming Careers in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Wild4games and Nutty. 🎬Watch our most recent videos: 🎬 Playlists You Might Like: 💬 Streaming Guides: How To Stream On Twitch The A to Z Guide: --------------------------------SOCIAL-------------------------------- 🐦Twitter: 💬Website: 🐦Go force Eljay to use Twitter: #twitch #growth #guide


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