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Title:417 Hz RAISE SUPER POSITIVE Vibrations In Yourself & Your Home - Energy Cleanse Music For Healing

Hello, lovely viewer and traveler of the internet! We would like to welcome you to this deep, relaxing, and soul-soothing 417 Hz music release. This 417 Hz release is a release to raise super positive vibrations and energy in yourself and your home. This is a healing music release to purify/cleanse/ help you heal yourself from negativity, anxiety, and traumas. Music tuned like this can help with deep energy cleanse of your soul, mind, body, and spirit. Music tuned in 417 Hz can help you boost or better your mood. It's when we have our body tuned into positivity changes and evolvement of our body, soul, mind, and spirit can happen. Miracle-tuned frequency music can be used for sleeping, healing, doing yoga, meditating, and relaxation. Tuned music can help us connect with our inner selves. Our inner/higher self is our conscious mind. So raising our vibration to connect with our higher self will help us radiate positive energies/frequencies. It's when we take care of ourselves and let the healing start. It's only then we can thrive in our own spirit. When we are succeeding in our own spirit and soul is when positivity, change, and attracting what we deserve will begin. So take a step back and let this lovely track help you guide you into a state where healing can start. We are all energy and frequencies and it's what we radiate that determines what we attract. Miracle frequency-tuned music is made to help your body, mind, and soul radiate the right energy and frequencies to the world and universe. So the universe can help you attract and achieve what you desire and manifest. We create and release music we have carefully made purposely to help with self-healing, enter deep meditation, and connect with your higher and inner self and consciousness. We believe that everyone on this planet earth needs some time for their own to start healing their old wounds, traumas, and negative energy. In elevated states is where you can learn to heal emotional and physical traumas. So we hope this track can help you achieve cleansing of negativity, negative energies, wounds, and traumas. So you can evolve, succeed and manifest the life and lifestyle you deserve and desire. Benefits of listening to the 417 Hz frequency: - Remove Negative Energy from the Home - Remove Negative Thoughts and Behavior Patterns. - Removes Negative Energy from the Body. - Balances and Heals the Sacral Chakra. - Helps To Come out of Trauma. You make our community the best community on this website and the interwebs! Thank you so much for that! 💜🙏💜 Do you need music for your own projects? Check out Highermind. Click the link below for the best option for Royalty-Free and Commercial Free music! Thank you! Love, Woke Nation 🙏💜🙏 We are all soul family. Welcome to this nonphysical space, created for transcending low vibration and rise above. In the name of love, in the name of light, source, and God, We aim to raise the vibration of our collective consciousness through healing and meditation. Thank you for tuning in to our channel. Spread the love out there. 🙏💖 Remember to subscribe if you want to show love & support back to us 🙏💖 DISCLAIMER: The content you'll see on our channel is intended as a tool for relaxation, self-healing, meditation, spiritual connectedness, and entertainment. While there may certainly be health benefits, our content is not presented or intended to be medical advice or a medical substitute. If you feel you have a serious physical or mental ailment, please seek help from doctors or other health professionals. We encourage you to do your own research on Healing frequencies/Solfeggio frequencies and Binaural Beats and make up your own decisions. We advise you to follow your intuition and listen to your body. ★ The Best From Our Channel In One Playlist: SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES ★ 417 Hertz: RE. This frequency can help you to recognize and release past traumas and rigid thought patterns that are no longer valuable in your life. Associated with the color orange and the sacral chakra. We believe in the power of the human spirit, we believe in YOU. We realize that for most people, life is quite challenging and there are many adversities and difficulties presented by life, so we aim to make this channel a sanctuary of peace and reflection. A place where you allow your body and mind a sacred space to dissolve the stresses of everyday life, to come to mental and spiritual clarity, a place where you experience and view life from a higher vantage point through the beauty of your mind in combination with magical meditative music and breathtaking nature videos that we hope inspire you. We sincerely appreciate you and we love everyone. 🙏💖 We stand for Unity. We stand for co-creation, we stand for love. Let us unite as one amazing community of people that believe in love🙏💖


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