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Title:The Accidental God [OSRS Perspective]

Guthix is a name known by every RuneScaper, but how many of us know of his tragic beginnings? In this video I explore the tale of the God of Balance - the Accidental God - from his early days in the distant realm of Naragun to his *alleged* current whereabouts...and considering that this video took me, like, 40 hours, I REALLY hope you enjoy it! Update 2-19-24: This video is randomly popping off over a year later, probably because While Guthix Sleeps is on the way! For those asking, I LOVE what Mod Ed has done with the lore and the direction he's taken with the stories, he's phenomenal. Trust him! The story is in good hands! He's woven together storylines from loose ends to give a different take that is nothing short of masterful, and when I get to SOTE and DS2 and the Dragonkin, you'll see what I mean! Make sure you drop a like and a subscription and come hang out with me on Twitch over at #runescape #oldschoolrunescape #lore #guthix 0:00 Introduction 1:16 Guthix's Origins and Home World 2:49 The Naragi God Wars 6:09 Guthix Ascends 7:11 The Search Begins 8:10 The First Age of Gielinor 10:11 Guthix Departs to Sleep 10:45 The Contenders Arrive 12:01 The Gielinor God Wars 12:43 The Alliance to Stop Zamorak 14:04 Zamorak's Last Stand 14:44 The Desolation of Forinthry (the Wilderness) 15:21 The Edicts of Guthix 16:54 Hunting Down Gielinor's Gods 19:53 Guthix Weeps 20:44 Remnants of Guthix's Presence 21:20 Guthix Departs Again (Present) 21:41 Outro + Comment


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