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Title:5 Thrash Metal Guitar Riffs to Practice Every Day

These are thrash metal guitar riffs and techniques you should practice every day to become a better rhythm guitarist. You’ll be practicing different techniques in each of the 5 metal riffs. And you’ll also be combining methods in each riff. Download your free metal guitar practice guide: Buy/stream by all of my albums: Get my physical CDs and merch: Even better, I show you how to write your own thrash metal style riffs in these lessons. Because you’re not just learning 1 riff or the technique. You’re also learning how to go beyond and fit these riffs into songs. Here are the times for each lesson (and thrash guitar techniques being played): 00:42 - Thrash metal riff lesson 1 - triplets, palm muting with riffs 04:36 - Thrash metal riff lesson 2 - Fast downstroke riffs 09:21 - Thrash metal riff lesson 3 - Riffs with hammer-ons and pull-offs 14:58 - Thrash metal riff lesson 4 - Alternate picking with roll-offs 20:04 - Thrash metal riff lesson 5 - Triplet chromatic riffs 22:57 - 3 ways to support me and my channel, which the links are listed above Practicing these patterns every day will also help you with playing transitions on the guitar. Think of a verse going into a pre-chorus, then a chorus, and then maybe a bridge. The patterns you’re playing will help you create those types of riffs that tie the different parts of a song together. Keep it Metal, Jason 🎸 FREE Metal Riffs & Licks Practice Guide: 🧙‍♂️ METAL GUITAR APPRENTICE Beginner's Guitar Course: 🧙‍♂️ METAL RIFF MASTER Intermediate+ Guitar Course: 🔴 PATREON: 💿 CDs and Merch: 🎧 Listen/Stream My Albums: ⚙️ Gear I Use: 🍺 Buy Jason a Beer or 3: ➔ Follow me at: Facebook: Instagram:


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