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Title:death's dynamic shroud - Darklife (Full Album Visualizer)

Stream + Purchase death's dynamic shroud 'Darklife' here: 1) Stay (00:00) 2) Judgment Bolt (05:11) 3) Neon Memories (09:44) 4) Light Left The Garden (14:22) 5) Missing Person (19:55) 6) Messe de E-102 (22:22) 7) After Third Heaven (28:11) 8) Before I Cool Off (33:26) 9) I Just Wanted To Know Love (37:26) 10) Fade Persona (40:52) 11) Fall For Me (45:08) 12) Where Does It Come From? (49:00) 13) Rare Angel (52:53) 14) Perfect Angel (59:09) 15) Dark Matter (01:01:58) death's dynamic shroud Spotify Apple Music Bandcamp https://deathsdynamicshroud.bandcamp/ Instagram Twitter Shop All three members of death’s dynamic shroud (James Webster, Keith Rankin & Tech Honors) have reunited for the first time since 2017’s Heavy Black Heart for their recent suite of material - ‘Darklife’ out now via 100% Electronica. You can stream and purchase ‘Darklife’ on LTD Edition 2x 12” vinyl, CD & Cassette here: “Since 2014 we have been releasing albums under the death’s dynamic shroud name in pairs or as individuals, but Darklife is the strongest representation of our combined sensibilities, shifting from heavy electronic dance music to bubblegum pop, from gentle ballads to harsh digital abstractions; it is an outpouring of ideas and acts as a new beginning for the group. Much of the album is about the nature of love as a metaphor for our individual philosophies sparking and melding in the music, examining love as a social construct, or as the fabric of the universe, or as not existing at all. As our debut for 100% Electronica, Darklife can also be seen as a bridge between the underground tape and electronic scene of the 2010s into the dance and pop world the label has been shepherding.” -death’s dynamic shroud CRITICAL RECEPTION 8/10 -The Needle Drop (Watch the full review here→ “On a new double album, the experimental collective continues its journey from vaporwave toward fractured, maximalist pop music… Darklife documents DDS’s humanity emerging from their once purely digital world. While it still features the internet-damaged sample manipulation that has become their trademark, it also incorporates more original production, instrumentation, and vocals than previous releases.” -Pitchfork "A dizzying, idea-packed journey into fractured maximalist pop from Death's Dynamic Shroud." -Bandcamp "...Tech Honors, James Webster, and Keith Rankin of Orange Milk Records are in fine form with the new project, which demonstrates a poppier development since their niche beginnings on tracks like "Fall For Me," "Neon Memories," and "Judgement Bolt." -FADER “Stunningly beautiful” -The Needle Drop on ‘Messe de E-102 during NMF The Needle Drop: Best Tracks of the Week in Weekly Track Roundup: 4/17/22" “Messe de E-102” is a spooky electro-pop thriller brimming with tension and triumph." -What's Good on ‘Messe de E-102’ "It’s a bear that death’s dynamic shroud have wrestled with for years and consistently come out on top with adventurous triumphs like 'Neon Memories.'" -FADER on Neon Memories 10 songs you need in your life this week: 4/18/22 "...indie-pop track that evolves into a massive electronic behemoth... there’s never been a better time to be a fan of Death’s Dynamic Shroud." -Lyrical Lemonade on Neon Memories “...Fucking awesome…” -The Needle Drop on ‘Judgment Bolt’ during NMF “‘Judgment Bolt’ continues the search for untraditional dancefloor bangers, channeling Skrillex and the digital miasma of classic vaporwave.” -THE FADER on ‘Judgment Bolt’ “…a pixelated, dancefloor-shaking blur of digitized beats, trippy orchestral passages and mutated vocals that stoke excitement for the full-length to come.” -Columbus Alive on ‘Judgment Bolt’ 2022 TOUR DATES 10.19 - UKIE CLUB - PHILADELPHIA, PA * ~ 10.20 - BROOKLYN MADE - BROOKLYN, NY * ~ 10.21 - OTTOBAR - BALTIMORE, MD * ~ 10.22 - SNUG HARBOR, CHARLOTTE, NC * ~ 10.23 - TERMINAL WEST - ATLANTA, GA * ~ 10.25 - GASA GASA - NEW ORLEANS, LA * ~ 10.26 - DULING HALL - JACKSON, MS * ~ 10.27 - CLUB DADA - DALLAS, TX * ~ 10.28 - THE SECRET GROUP - HOUSTON, TX * ~ 10.29 - ELYSIUM - AUSTIN, TX * ~ 10.31 - LODGE ROOM - LOS ANGELES, CA [EARLY] @ ~ 10.31 - LODGE ROOM - LOS ANGELES, CA [LATE] @ ~ 11.10 - PITCHFORK MUSIC FEST - LONDON, UK # ~ * = w/ NEGGY GEMMY & ESPRIT 空想 @ = GEORGE CLANTON, NEGGY GEMMY & ESPRIT 空想 # = GEORGE CLANTON & NEGGY GEMMY #deathsdynamicshroud #Darklife Copyright (C) 2022 death's dynamic shroud.


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