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Title:Buddhism: The Law of Karma That Will Change Your Life

Buddhism: The Law of Karma That Will Change Your Life. #karma #enlightenment #buddhism Karmic Obstacles in Buddhism. When it comes to karma, people often think that the Buddha was simply reiterating an idea that had long existed in Indian culture, something everyone already believed. But this is not the case. The Buddha used the term "kamma," a familiar term in their language, but He gave it a very special meaning. He explained that kamma is our intention, and it is this intention that shapes our lives. He went on to say that our intentions are the primary factor shaping not only our present life but also our future life. These intentions have been shaping our lives all along and they shape the lives of all beings. When people came to hear the Buddha teach, He often had to repeatedly explain this particular aspect of kamma. He received many questions about kamma, indicating that these questions deserved a thorough answer. The fact that He had to rephrase them showed that people did not yet understand kamma correctly, at least not in a way that could help them end their suffering. So what is the useful way to look at kamma? First, He asked us to look at our own lives from the perspective of kamma: What we are experiencing now is a combination of the potentials from past intentions and our present intentions. This principle applies to everyone, everywhere. When we hear about kamma, we often think about past kamma—not just from this life but also from previous lives—and it seems like something far away. But actually, we are creating kamma all the time. Every time there is an intention in the mind, that is kamma. Even sitting here with your eyes closed, you are creating kamma: mental kamma. So, make it good. Mental kamma is your attitude towards something, and it shapes everything you do. You need to practice to ensure that, no matter the situation, you are bringing something good to it. That is your contribution to the circumstances within you and to others.


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