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Title:The Scariest Case I’ve Ever Solved - Paranormal Investigator’s True Story

Watch The Full Episode Here: Listen To The Full Episode On Spotify: 🎧 Listen To #TheRanveerShow On Spotify: Follow Sarbajeet Mohanty's Social Media Handles:- Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Amazon: ✅ Subscribe To Our Other YouTube Channels:- BeerBiceps (English Channel): Ranveer Allahbadia (Hindi Channel): TRS Clips हिंदी (Hindi Podcast Highlights): BeerBiceps Shorts (English Shorts): Ranveer Allahbadia Shorts (Hindi Shorts): BigBrainco. : BigBrainco. Shorts : Link to our blog: In this exceptional episode of TRS, we present to you a very special guest - Sarbajeet Mohanty. He is a paranormal investigator and demonologist. He researches the existence of ghosts and spirits and investigates paranormal activities by visiting different places. He also travels to places containing myths and figures out whether these stories have any truth. Amazon: As you might have noticed lately, our content (reels, podcasts) has become much darker. It's much more inclined toward the paranormal now... That is because I'm personally exploring these subjects in depth. Have they taken over me completely? Not yet. But I am definitely altered by the things I am learning about. The one thing I know for sure is that ghosts, monsters, torture, darkness, and everything in between... They're all modes of some sort of (dark) self-discovery. In this episode, we speak about the life of a paranormal investigator, his scariest experience, ghosts that attack objects, meditations that can settle in the effects of the paranormal, and more. Stay tuned for a sequel episode with Sarbajeet Mohanty on TRS very soon. #paranormal #1816 INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps FACEBOOK : @beerbiceps TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy LINKEDIN : @beerbiceps TELEGRAM: @beerbicepsguy SNAPCHAT: @beerbicepsguy ---------------------------------------------- About : TRS Clips is a collection of SHORT CLIPS from The Ranveer Show podcast. Enjoy our latest knowledge-fueled videos from the BeerBiceps team. Every conversation on #TheRanveerShow is intellectual, deep & progressive. We cover everyone from entrepreneurs to Bollywood film stars to even athletes. Today, The Ranveer Show or TRS - Happiness Through Curiosity. A show where we host the world's greatest success stories and try digging out their secrets to success. Every conversation is an EXTREME learning experience for the viewer.


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