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Title:All In The Family | Archie's Top 10 Funniest Moments | The Norman Lear Effect

If you could choose Archie Bunker's (Carroll O'Connor) funniest moments, which ones would you pick? Here are our top 10 favorites! 00:00 From Season 9, Episode 8 'Edith vs. the Bank' 00:52 From Season 7, Episode 6 'Archie's Operation: Part 1' 02:00 From Season 1, Episode 5 'Judging Books by Covers' 03:13 From Season 3, Episode 11 'Mike's Appendix' 04:24 From Season 2, Episode 3 'Archie and the Lock-up' 05:35 From Season 2, Episode 12 'Cousin Maude's Visit' 06:41 From Season 5, Episode 22 'No Smoking' 08:22 From Season 4, Episode 24 'Mike's Graduation' 10:04 From Season 4, Episode 10 'Archie in the Cellar' 11:47 From Season 3, Episode 5 'Lionel Steps Out' 13:24 From Season 1, Episode 13 'The First and Last Supper' Watch on Freevee: Subscribe to The Norman Lear Effect channel: Follow us on social: Facebook: About All In The Family: One of the most acclaimed comedy series of all time, All in the Family with Archie Bunker as the irascible, highly opinionated, working-class family man who viewed the world on his terms and his terms only. When not arguing with his liberal son-in-law, "Meathead," Archie took refuge in his long-suffering wife, Edith, who tries her best to understand Archie's conservative ways and outdated beliefs. #AllInTheFamily #ArchieBunker #FunnyMoments All In The Family | Archie's Top 10 Funniest Moments | The Norman Lear Effect


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