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Title:Vintage Cleanermate VHS Tape Cleaner From The 90's: Unboxing & Tutorial Video.

In this video I open up a brand new 'Cleanermate' brand VHS Video Tape Cleaner from the early to mid 90's and show how it's used. I also clean a problem (Moldy) VHS tape with a recording of MTV's Headbangers Ball: With Nuclear Assault (March 3rd, 1990). These cleaners are perfect for cleaning moldy or dusty tapes. This is the first time I've ever used one, but it's pretty easy to figure out. Please excuse my amateurish video skills, I'm used to using older Hi8/Sony cameras. Unfortunately I had to upload and edit this video TWICE now thanks to youtube and UMG for giving me yet another strike because about 10 seconds of the Slaughter video had audio. I'm extremely fed up with the strikes. Sorry guys, but eventually I'm going to have to delete a lot of my stuff unwillingly due to all of this ridiculousness. As much as I hate doing that, I would like for my channel to stay up. I will be uploading informative, documentary-type videos that have to do with classic horror films and/or classic heavy metal, and every once in awhile I might be able to upload a video from bands who send me their master tapes to digitize and upload. But it's come to the point where I have to prove to youtube that I have full permission to upload everything I have on my channel, otherwise my account will get terminated, again. I'm just tired of the weekly threats I'm receiving from youtube, over and over again threatening to terminate or permanently ban my channel because of 5 seconds in a video. It's ridiculous. Believe me, I would love to keep uploading the same content that I have been for years, but it looks like I can't. And eventually youtube is going to become a very bland and boring place due to all of these stupid regulations. There will be virtually very few, or no more people like me who have the skill to clean up and remaster rare videos of forgotten bands. I still have countless videos that I will now be unable to upload, because providing proof that I was given permission is very difficult. I would have to go through thousands of emails, and I don't record all of my phone conversations that I have with band members or directors. If you have any questions about this video, feel free to ask. And to all of my long-time subscribers: I sincerely apologize. I can full understand your frustration. Believe me, this isn't my choice. And I hope you guys understand. One last thing, if you enjoy my old uploads, and you are on Facebook, be sure to check out my 'Pepsi Power Hour' Facebook page on there. Under the circumstances, that is the best I can do, thanks to this whole youtube problem. Thank you, and please enjoy this video. There will be more to come soon.


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