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Title:New BMW X5 M50d Review - Quad-turbo Monster?

2019 BMW X5 M50d price in South Africa: R1 502 582 BMW recently launched their 4th generation X5, the car that originally created a whole new segment and which has sold in vast numbers ever since. The third generation saw the introduction of a special, high performance diesel model known as the M50d. Back in 2014 we actually drag raced it over a quarter mile against the supercharged V8 Range Rover Sport and the result was...surprising. You can watch that video here: And now there's a brand new M50d, and for some reason BMW saw fit to add another turbo charger, making this a rare quad-turbo beast. In this video we get stuck in and take a detailed look at the new X5. Our video guy Ciro De Siena will take you through all the tech and specs you might care for and he even offers an opinion or two about its performance, acceleration and handling. And lastly we try and answer the question, is the X5 M50d enough of a performance SUV for your money, or should you wait for the upcoming X5 M? 0:00 Intro 0:41 Virtual Assistant Response 1:18 Quad-Turbo Engine Specs & Functionality 2:55 Previous & Current Generation X5 M50d Power & Torque Specs 3:36 Competitor Power & Torque Specs & 0-100km/h Time 4:27 Peak Torque & Power Figures 4:46 Handling & Ride Quality 5:36 Exterior Design & Specs 6:46 Front Interior Design & Features 7:31 Rear Camera System 8:40 Tailgate & Towbar Specs 9:02 Final thoughts 10:38 Outro


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