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Title:Power BI Data Sources Explained: Excel, CSV, SQL, SharePoint & More + Creating & Deleting Visuals

In part 3 of our Power BI College Football Dashboard series, we'll unlock the full potential of Power BI with our walkthrough on various data sources! In this video, we dive deep into connecting Power BI to multiple data sources such as Excel, CSV, SQL, SharePoint, and manual entry. You'll also learn how to quickly create tables using the visualization menu, and manage your visuals by deleting them along with their data sources. πŸŽ“ What you'll learn: - Connecting Power BI to different data sources (Excel, CSV, SQL, SharePoint, manually, etc.) - Creating tables using the visualization menu - Deleting visuals and removing data sources in Power BI πŸ”” Subscribe for more tutorials and tips on Power BI πŸ“Ή Watch Part 1 here: πŸ“Ή Watch Part 2 here: πŸ“Ή Watch Part 4 here: πŸ”— Link to the Definitive Guide to Data Analytics - Session 3 (Introduction to Power BI) page where you can download the files used: Get Power BI: πŸ‘ If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below! πŸ“’ Connect with us on social media: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: ______________________________________________ KEYWORDS: Power BI, Power BI data sources, Power BI tutorial, connect Power BI to Excel, connect Power BI to CSV, connect Power BI to SQL, connect Power BI to SharePoint, Power BI manual data entry, Power BI visualization, Power BI quick table, delete visual Power BI, delete data source Power BI, Power BI beginners guide, Power BI tips, data visualization, Power BI for beginners, Power BI 2024, Microsoft Power BI, tutorial series ______________________________________________ CHAPTERS: 0:00 How to connect to Power BI data sources ______________________________________________ ADDITIONAL VIDEOS YOU MAY LIKE: Whether you’re looking for training on technical skills or soft skills, whether you’re an aspiring analyst or an analytics executive, we have the perfect analytics training video for you! Check out our free training videos at ______________________________________________ ABOUT VALUE DRIVEN ANALYTICS: Value Driven Analytics is your source of rigorous, affordable, and fast analytics consulting and transformation. If you need an interactive dashboard, analysis, data science model build, automated data process, analytics or leadership training, analytics team management, analytics transformation, or 1-hour analytics consultation (troubleshooting, project advice, career advice), give us a call at 1-877-VAL-DRVN (1-877-825-3786) or learn more about our services at If you need help troubleshooting code, project advice, or personalized career advice, consider booking a 1-hour analytics consultation with me. You'll be amazed by what we can accomplish in just 1 hour! If your organization would like customized and more advanced analytics training, you can read more about the Value Driven Analytics analytics & leadership trainings offered here:


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