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Title:Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheshwari | Who is Wrong? | Dhruv Rathee

Enhance your skills with the Master ChatGPT and Time Management courses at the Dhruv Rathee Academy: Use code 'NEWYEAR' for a 45% discount, valid until Jan 5th, 2024! In this video, Dhruv Rathee uncovers the controversy surrounding motivational speakers Vivek Bindra and Sandeep Maheshwari. The video discusses allegations of a scam involving online courses by Vivek Bindra. We delve into the nuances of affiliate and multi-level marketing, differentiating them from pyramid schemes. It critically examines Bindra's defense and public responses, questioning the legality and ethical implications of his business practices. The video aims to provide a balanced view, highlighting both sides of the story and leaving final judgments to legal authorities. Link to the mentioned videos - How Online Betting & Fantasy Apps Fool You! | Business Model | Dhruv Rathee - Baba Ka Dhaba | What We Can Learn | The Full Story | Dhruv Rathee - *———————————————————————— JOIN MY COURSE: The YouTube Blueprint Course: ✏️ Time Management and Productivity Course : Learn how to manage time and maximize productivity in my specialised online course. 🤖 Master ChatGPT - Full Course : Learn to harness the power of ChatGPT effectively and transform your life! Use GET20 for a straight up 20% discount! --------------------------------------------------- LISTEN TO MY PODCAST: 🎧 My Spotify exclusive podcast. Learn about how India works, only on Maha Bharat with Dhruv Rathee: FOLLOW ME ON: ▶️ Main Channel: 🎦 Vlog Channel: 🩳 Shorts Channel: 📸 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: MY VIDEO TOPICS: 🗺 Geopolitics: 📘 History: 🔬 Science: ☠️ Mystery: 💰Finance: 🇮🇳 Indian Current Affairs: 🌍 International Current Affairs: DOWNLOAD MY APP: 📱Android app: 📱iOS App: This video is made solely with the purpose of spreading awareness and educating the viewers. The information demonstrated and explained in the video are true to the best of the our team’s knowledge and research. Nevertheless, if any error is committed, the same was never intended to be and is absolutely unintentional. In the event of any inadvertent error, kindly email us at (mail subject : FEEDBACK) for necessary action, to resolve any error/dispute amicably. ----------------------------------------------------


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