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Title:All Bosses in Metal Slug History

Spent 3 days sitting in front of my computer to work on this video.. Re-filmed all of the gameplay footage in ultra HD for a better experience! This video is a compilation of all the bosses shown throughout the Metal Slug videogame series. Including the classic ones you've fought in the main series and other & new original bosses from other official Metal Slug games! The following video showcases all the bosses and brief fights from the following games: Metal Slug: SV-001 (1996), Metal Slug 2 (1998), Metal Slug X (1999), Metal Slug 3 (2000), Metal Slug 4 (2002), Metal Slug 5 (2003), Metal Slug 6 (2006), Metal Slug 7 (2008), Metal Slug XX (2009), Metal Slug Advance (2004), Metal Slug 1st Mission (1999), Metal Slug 2nd Mission (2000), Metal Slug 3D (2006), Universal Metal Slug Triumph (2013), Universal Metal Slug Fierce Battle (2012), Metal Slug Attack (2016) and Metal Slug Code: J also known as Metal Slug Awakening (2021). ---Complete Bosses List--- 0:00 Metal Slug: SV-001 (1996): Tetsuyuki Mini-Bata Hairbuster Riberts Allen O'Neil Tani-Oh Shoe & Karn Iron Nokona Hi-Do 03:58 Metal Slug 2 (1998): The Keesi II Aeshi Nero Dragon Nosuke Big Shiee Hozmi Allen O'Neil (Metal Slug 2) Dai-Manji Rugname 09:31 Metal Slug X (1999): Iron Nokana MKII 10:00 Metal Slug 3 (2000) Huge Hermit Monoeye UFO Jupiter King Sol Dae Rokker Hairbuster Riberts (Metal Slug 3) Hi-Do (Metal Slug 3) Fake Rootmars Clone Incubator Rootmars 15:50 Metal Slug 4 (2002): Brave Guerrier Toschka Dalanue The Iron Big John Sea Satan Mecha Allen (Cyborg Allen O'Neil) Doctor Amadeus 21:57 Metal Slug 5 (2003): Black Hound Metal Rear Shooting Ray Screamer Sandmarine Stone Turtle Gaia Elephant Ptolemaios Avatar of Evil 28:27 Metal Slug 6 (2006): Bull Drill Iron Sentinel Brain Robot Elder Centipede Invader Controller Invader King 34:40 Metal Slug 7/XX (2008): Worm Mecha Crablops Crablops Legs & Head Fall Mecha The Union Rebel Gigant Kraken 40:26 Metal Slug Advance (2004): Formor Emain Mecha Kaladgolg The Keesi III Allen Jr. Cabrakan 44:46 Universal Metal Slug: Triumph (2013): Dodo-san Kaan Bulg Kourai Skahti 48:09 Universal Metal Slug: Fierce Battle (2012): Hellfire Wood Crawler Cyclops Mega Laser Turret 50:23 Metal Slug: 1st Mission (1999): Rebel VTOL Rebel Train Rebel Zeppelin Electromagnetic Crane Rebel Ship Facility Elevator Macba Rebel Truck Metal Strider 54:41 Metal Slug: 2nd Mission (2000): Big Bertha Terrain Carrier Rebel Reactor Hyakutaro Rebel Submarine Tani Oh Lieutenant Wired Power Generators Rebel Airplane Rebel Rocket Rocket UFO Commander Kanan 1:00:48 Metal Slug Code: J / Metal Slug Awakening (2021): Anthony Johnson Sphinx the Protector Moro's Legacy Apep Hyper Magnetic Sphere Raidenjin "The Thunder God" Mummy Warrior Godos Alcineon Type: Reion Catherine Jupiter King Kai Cabri 1:10:27 Metal Slug 3D (2006): Parachute Truck Mosque Artillery Spider-Bot Rebel Rocket Big Shiee Morden Castle Allen O'Neil Lugus Lieu 1:16:57 Metal Slug Attack (2016): Great Mother K-O3 Coupled Armored Vehicle Land Blowfish Mars Gigantalos Zoni Doloma Quadro Jumper Iwa-Oh Crusty Legs Armored Crawler Flying Hermit Iron Fortress Et A Omnis D-GU GIP-03 Bergenia Queen Big Snail Mars Wolf Earth Monster Valkom Metal Fusioner No.223 Riviere Hyll #metalslug #bosses #compilation


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