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Title:You said you wouldn't leave me.

**HD + Headphones are advised ** ENGLISH AND FRENCH SUBTITLES ARE AVAILABLE. ►My twitter : ►My ask: ► HI EVERYONE! I'VE DONE IT! IT'S ACTUALLY DONE! You have no idea how much effort and time I've put in that video. And yes, it's not perfect but it's something and for the first time, I actually enjoy the result. This video is dedicated to Celine, the one and only EnchantedxPassion. She's always behind my back, encouraging me and supporting me like no one ever did. I can't even tell you how many messages I've received for that one vid, asking me the updates about it and I loved it xD Seriously, Celine, thank you for being there, your support and opinion means a lot and I appreciate so much talking to you. And I've promised you that vid so there it is, I hope it as good as your love for those two cuties. Love you ♥ So I actually come with this story idea when I've just started youtube. I never finished it but I was always drown to it. I feel like Elena could do something like this, sticking with her ex boyfriend's brother. And then I stumbled across "brothers", a movie I've watched ages ago. Bailee Madison's acting broke my heart at the time, and it's still breaking my heart today. She was so good and I couldn't reject the urges to make her dean and elena's daughter. So, there she is. And before anyone says, this kid should receive a slap in her face, just remember that she thoughts all her life her dad was dead and that now that he's back and that she actually lived with Sam all her life, it's not easy to accept him, especially when your dad don't know how to act around you and seems pissed all the time. ► SYNOPSYS : Dean decided to left Elena a long time ago but he still has nightmares about leaving her. One night, he decides to call her which leads Elena to try and find him. But time has passed, Elena is now with Sam, Dean's brother, and she even has a daughter, Isobel. Isobel who is Dean's daughter. Dean struggles with the fact that Sam betrayed him by falling in love with the love of his life and dating her. But he struggle even more with his child, which he never knew existed, and who has a lot of problems understanding her dad's behavior. In the end, he decides it's better for him to go. Sam asks Elena to give him a chance and Isobel finally realize she doesn't want her dad to go. My perfect ending is Dean staying with them and being a perfect dad and boyfriend/husband. ► Song : At the end of the video. ► Coloring : Elvenqueen. ► Program(s) : Sony Vegas Pro 14. #fanvidfeed #crossover I DO NOT OWN THE CLIPS OR THE SONGS I USE IN MY VIDEOS, JUST THE EDITING. ALL MY VIDEOS ARE PURELY FAN-MADE. I OWN NOTHING. ---------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


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