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Title:God For Me - Shan Ako

Inspired by @Aqyilaa 'Its The Vibe For Me (Bob For Me)’ Uploaded a clip on TikTok re-writing the lyrics a few weeks back & I was so encouraged to see how you all liked it and engaged! It’s beautiful to see how God has blessed us all. ✨ LYRICS: CHORUS: It is God for me, It is God for me. Can’t you see all the ways He’s been blessings me? Praise Him, I say glory be to Him, The blessings come from Him So praise Him! V1: He woke me up this morning Gifting me with life to live My home, my health, Oh everything you could imagine. There’s no need for me to fear what the future holds. I’m a living testimony, he knows. PRE: The same yesterday, the same today. No matter the change He remains the same. With open arms, come what may. All of his promises remain the same. CHORUS V2: There is no other one above the Lord that I serve. Patient and loving there’s so many words that I’ve heard. The list goes on, everyday is a new wave That’s why my friends are so surprised to see me smiling. PRE CHORUS BRIDGE: This is the glory day that Lord has made, I will rejoice in Him and be glad in it. So I will rejoice in Him Sing my song to Him Make room for Him Give thanks to Him. Oh I guess you get the message. Oh I just can’t help it. CHORUS • What Do You Think⁉️ Hope you’re feeling it & are encouraged! Wrote this on Tuesday as I know many of yous wanted to hear a full version... so it’s still very freshhh but this is how I imagined it! 😭🙏🏾 Stay Blessed!! #ItIsGodForMe • ✨ "BRAVE HEART EP" out now TikTok - @ShanAkoTikTok


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