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SwimUp app - Personalized training plan for you: App Store: Google Play: Website: Download the app and share your app experience in the comments! :) In this video I am going to show you how to fix the most common freestyle mistakes. Specifically, by doing swimming exercises and drills from the video, you will master arm stroke and breathing technique really fast! 0:23 - Low elbow arm stroke 4:03 - Arm stroke while breathing 6:46 - Lifting head for taking a breath 9:29 - Short arm strokes 11:08 - Large bending at the knees Here's what you'll learn in today's video: First, I will show you the "cheat code" how to perform correct arm stroke. By using my tip, 100% you will do an arm stroke correctly. Next, you will find out chair arm stroke exercise to set up your freestyle arm stroke technique. Also, you will figure out why swimmers have bad swimming technique and how to avoid it. 2nd most common mistake appears when swimmer does not have basic swimming skills. Swimmers are taking a breath and at the same time performing an arm stroke. This mistake makes swimming hard and super inefficient. When you correct this mistake, your freestyle swimming will be 2x faster! (This is really easy). Then, I will show you how to get rid of incorrect breathing technique. Many swimmers have learnt to breathe in the water by themselves, therefore, in many cases technique is wrong. Breathing is super important in swimming and especially, if you are a triathlon swimmer. Fortunately, this is much easier to correct than it sounds. Next, I will show you how to improve swimming by using the same amount of energy with "Long Efficient Arm Strokes". By performing such arm strokes in IronMan competitions, you will swim really fast and save energy for cycling and running. Finally, the last mistake is caused by performing incorrect kicks. This mistake can be dramatic and ruin the entire swimming. Kicking does not give us large speed boost. However, incorrect technique slows us down. Check out my swimming tutorial to get correct kicking technique. Evgeny Lomtev Filming: Ville Tirroniemi Benjami Hiljanen Juhani Alatulkkila Design: Gregory Kovalev


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