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Title:How Computer Viruses Escaped the Lab and Changed the Internet Forever

#computervirus #virus #documentary #sumsub Experiments on the creation of computer viruses began as just some harmful fun, framed by curiosity. But once they escaped the lab, panic and chaos ensued. Today we’ll tell you about Bell Laboratories — the cradle of computer viruses — and about the gladiatorial fights that took place between the first self-replicating programs. You’ll learn about the Alvi brothers from Pakistan, who opened the digital Pandora's box and started the first epidemic of computer viruses, as well as those who made a fortune off the back of their mistake. You’ll find out who released the first network worm and which computer virus crossed the line between the digital and physical world. Enjoy your immersion in the online jungle. Sumsub — empowering compliance and anti-fraud teams to fight money laundering, terrorist financing, and online fraud. Get the demo today — ⬅️ More about us: Timecodes 00:00 Check out our prototype 00:57 The organization that conceived the present day… and viruses 02:07 “Darwin, a Game of Survival of the Fittest among Programs” 04:40 Core War and the emergence of hacker culture 05:50 The first person to see the dangerous potential of viruses 07:29 Useful information about special tools to confront the dangers of the internet 08:40 The authors of the first IBM PC 09:44 How the Brain virus worked 11:10 How could Brain cross the ocean and cause an epidemic without the Internet? 12:21 Why John McAfee is grateful to the creators of Brain 12:55 Why were computer viruses written in the 80s 14:07 The Morris worm is born  17:30 CIH virus— the bringer of death 18:43 How did CIH conquer the world: A chronology 20:20 How does CIH work on our prototype 21:30 The main change in computer viruses through the years


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