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Title:14 Days in Japan Vlog - Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Shibu Onsen, Snow Monkey, Disney

We explore the centre of Japan in detail, with the help of my Japanese wife! Hotels stayed at are linked below. Spending a week in Tokyo, then travelling around Kamakura, Hakone and Mount Fuji, Yumoto, taking a Bullet Train to Nagano and Shibu Onsen to see the Snow Monkeys and enjoy the hot spring onsens and finishing back in Tokyo for amazing food and Tokyo DisneySea. 👉* HOTELS we stayed at: - Tokyo: - Kamakura: - Hakone (Fuji): - Hakone: - Shibu Onsen: (Similar hotel as our one not available) 👉* For GUIDED TOURS and activities around Japan: 👉 Support us on Patreon: Follow Suitcase Monkey on Facebook: 👉 Follow Suitcase Monkey on Instagram: 👉 Follow Suitcase Monkey on Twitter: 👉 80% shot on iPhone 6S with the rest shot on iPhone 7 Plus. For tips on how I film my videos: As highlighted in the movie, here are some useful links connecting to our trip. PLACES we visited: - Hashidaya: - Tsukiji Fish Market: - Afternoon Tea: list/omotesando-teastand/ - Wan Ebisu: - Kamakura Matsubaraan: - Steak House Yoshiike: - Yakiniku Toraji: - Maguro Bito Akihabara, in Yodobashi building, 8th floor: * Hotels are affiliate links that supports this channel at no extra cost to you. Music kindly supplied by the following: Running Waters Full Band by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: * Denotes affiliate link that supports this channel at no extra cost to you. Intro: 0:00 Meguro River and Yoyogi Park at 1:50 Tsukiji Fish Market at 3:36 Cherry Blossom hunting at 4:48 Omotesando at 7:24 Asaksusa at 9:09 Tokyo Skytree at 10:17 Kamakura at 12:04 Japanese toilets at 16:17 Hakone at 18:41 Mount Fuji at 21:16 Yumoto at 25:40 Bullet Trains at 28:54 Shibu Onsen at 29:58 Snow Monkey Park at 32:10 Onsen at 34:15 Tokyo in the sun at 35:44 Shibuya at 37:38 Yoyogi Park at 39:18 Akihabara at 40:58 Tokyo DisneySea at 42:28 Conclusion at 44:29 #SuitcaseMonkeyTravelVlog #SuitcaseMonkeyJapan #ShotoniPhone


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