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Title:Here's How You Treat Long Covid | Lessons From MCAS - Dr Tina Peers

If you've been suffering from Long Covid, chances are you've had every man and his dog telling you that what you REALLY need to be taking is Vitamin D. Or probiotics. Or some godawful supplement you've never heard of.  And as a result many long haulers have been taking every vitamin and supplement under the sun to see what works. But it's hard to tell through the fog. In this film I talk to Dr Tina Peers, one of the leading group of doctors with a special interest in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, who has been successfully treating patients with MCAS for five years. She has lots to say about the comparison between MCAS and Long Covid, and what treatments have successfully worked in her clinical experience. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Long Covid Handbook (Oct 2022), by Gez Medinger and Professor Danny Altmann and published by Penguin Books is now available in paperback, ebook and audiobook. A singular resource that brings together everything patients, clinicians and academics have learnt about the condition since early 2020, as well as lessons from sufferers and researchers of ME/CFS and other chronic conditions. It offers world leading expert advice on understanding, managing and treating Long Covid. The Long Covid Handbook is available from the following links: US: UK: ------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: It is ESSENTIAL to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements that you have not taken before, or begin taking them at a larger dose. This regimen is NOT appropriate for children so they should speak to their doctor before taking any of these. Nicotinic acid / Niacin also has several strong counter-indications, they can be seen here: REFERENCES: Dr Tina Peers MCAS and Long Covid, Afrin et al: Atopy / Autoimmune conditions in Long Haulers: Low Histamine food list:


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