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Title:All the Oddities of Ford's Famous Flathead V8 (Full Engine Build)

Ford's Flathead V8 is iconic in the hot rodding world because it was the first V8 that was affordable for the average Joe. And for the time it was very innovative. We're taking a deep dive into the Ford Flathead on this build by Keith Dorton of Automotive Specialists ( who is putting together a period-correct Flathead with extra stroke and compression to bump up the horsepower. PLEASE NOTE: In the video when the engine is on the dyno the valve ticking is pretty noticeable. In person in the dyno room you could barely hear it. I suspect this is an artifact of the shotgun mic I use on my camera. It really seems to accentuate sharp sounds like that. Thank you. Some links that may help your build: Engine Builder -- Automotive Specialists ( Isky Camsahft -- Isky Lifters -- Isky Valvesprings -- Oil Pump -- Distributor -- Alternator -- Carburetors -- (Please note that Horsepower Monster may receive a percentage based on the products purchased from these links. So thanks for your support!) We're constantly uploading great new videos. Please subscribe so you won't miss out! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 0:00 - Introducing the Ford Flathead 2:59 - Scat Flathead Stroker Crankshaft 3:27 - Rope Seal 5:45 - Flathead Oiling Modifications 7:22 - Scat Rods/Mahle Pistons for Flatheads 10:23 - Isky Flathead Camshaft 15:07 - Isky Flathead lifters/valves/springs 18:48 - How to Set Flathead Valve Lash 20:29 - Cylinder Heads 21:42 - Repop Offenhouser Intake & Super 97 Carbs 22:19 - Dyno Testing


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