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Title:The Horrific Story Of How Scar REALLY Got His Scar…

Disney's The Lion King: Here's the FULL STORY of how Scar REALLY received his infamous facial disfigurement... When it comes to Disney’s most villainous characters, there’s almost no arguing that Scar was one of the top dogs, or in this case, top cats. I mean, even his name has a dark undertone to it. That being said, even though Scar was named after his signature wound, Disney has never outright explained or visibly shown how the lion was scarred in the first place. There are various versions of the story that all seem to hold some truth to them, but which one is the most accurate? That’s up to you to decide. Subscribe for Disney Universe review, highest grossing Pixar films, and all Disney Movies. Inspired by Isaac Carlson, SuperCarlinBrothers, and Inspired by What If Mufasa Would Have Survived His Fall? | Discovering The Lion King Inspired by How The Hyenas Accidentally Revealed A Disturbing Truth About Scar's Health In Lion King Inspired by This Event From Scar’s Past Might Change Your Mind About Him Being The ‘Bad Guy’... Inspired by The Origins Of Scar’s Scar: Every Legend We Know! Inspired by Scar BEFORE The Lion King (Full Story) | How He Got His Scar And Name: Discovering Disney Also check out: Welcome to the ultimate and ever-expanding fanbase for Disney nerds all over the world! Click here to subscribe: Click here to subscribe: Check out the official Deluxe Amazon Store! 💛Keep being awesome everyone!!💛


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