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Title:Pacific Rim - I Saw Everything

Disclaimer: The following content is not intended for copyright infringement. The following is to only promote the film further and purposed for entertainment for Mecha and Kaiju fans around the world. Thank you. After brawling down in the hallway, Raleigh and Mako are to convene with Stacker in his office for the wrong that they've done. Raleigh admitted that it was his fault in the first place as he went out of phase as he hasn't fully remember how to handle the drift after a long duration of five years being out of the program. Stacker however, puts the entire blame on himself as he regretted because of letting his daughter into a machine without any experience handling the drift inside the Jaeger. As a conclusion, Mako is grounded as Stacker prevents her from ever suffering the drift any further. Which would also mean Raleigh won't be able to pilot Gypsy. Raleigh begin to make a fuss that he doesn't see any other candidates being any stronger than Mako herself. As to also believe options would come to a certain zero. Stacker raises his voice with intensity and yells at Raleigh that he means what he says as everything goes according to his decision. Stacker needed to remind Raleigh that Mako is too far from being able to experience a mind melding with a Jaeger and a pilot. Raleigh knows Stacker's secret as he witness every single bit in Mako's accident in Onibaba in Japan. Before they could pull the plug on Gypsy, Raleigh was able to capture the moment after Coyote Tango destroyed the Kaiju who attacked Onibaba. As Mako stepped out of the alley with her shoe and looking at breached buildings and debris all over the road of the city. As the young Mako steps on the road wandering, a incredibly shone sunlight reaches out through a dusty backdrop. The sunlight reveals the silhouette of Coyote Tango standing by as his gears rest. Just in time, Raleigh followed Mako along and witness a pilot emerging from the Jaeger's head through it's hatch on the roof of the Jaeger's head. The pilot takes off his helmet and it was brought to light that Stacker appears to be the Mako's savior and that's when Stacker decided to bring her in moments after as his new adopted child. While his partner remained in the Jaeger's head, that partner is Tamsin Sevier. Which soon died after her radiation sickness as she blacked out during the midst of Coyote's battle with Onibaba. Mako was however, lucky to still be able to know her moments before her death in the hospital. After the flashback, Stacker quickly closes the conversation and leaves his office. Raleigh isn't done yet with Stacker and pursues after Stacker before he reaches the cargo elevator. Raleigh argues that the Marshall's relationship with Mako and his need to protect her is holding her back. Pentecost warns him against meddling in his personal affairs, reminding the Ranger that he is only present because of his skills as a pilot. As such, Stacker would continue to conceal his entire life story from Raleigh except for the Onibaba accident. And if Raleigh refuses to accept that fact, Stacker might as well excommunicate Raleigh from the Jaeger program. Raleigh had no choice but to accept. Stacker then enters the elevator and the doors shut on Raleigh's angered gesture. To be continued... _________________________________________________________ Thank god I was able to upload this scene. I always use VLC to record these scenes which is another way to trim a movie down to the particular scene you want to well? Record. And this time however, for some reason, when I'm recording this scene where Raleigh and Mako are to have their meeting with Stacker, the audio cuts off halfway after Stacker told Mako that's she's grounded. And tried different DVD rippers and they all are shit to me. I cannot find one ripper than doesn't acquire watermarks or limitations or both! But one. Even though it didn't do exactly what I want, it helped me later on. I managed to take this scene from the movie with the ripper. But the video always flashes pink colorization every two seconds which ruined the video for me. Then I thought of a clever way to resolve this issue. I simplyo record the video footage regardless of it's audio faulty error and I convert the video that I got from the ripper to MP3 audio as that one prevailed to work regardless of it's faulty video footage. And I combine the MP3 file and the scene from the movie and sync them precisely and boom! It worked out fine! :D Yay! I'm not sure if you people are able to get that but I've tried my very best guys! I really did. Okay! Don't forget to comment, like, add to favourites, share and subscribe for more Pacific Rim!! Bye!


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