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Title:Why Breathing Less Helps Swim Faster

On this video we will go over the three best exercises you can do to increase your CO2 tolerance. We will begin explaining why this will help you swim faster. 66% of you told us that you feel shortness of breath before your muscles feel very tired. This shortness of breath occurs when the blood becomes more acidic. The body's response to reduce acidity is to get rid of carbon dioxide by breathing more often and with more volume. And I don't need to tell you, this feeling is stressful. We can survive for weeks without food, days without water or sleep, but without breathing we can only survive for a few minutes. Our body knows that breathing is the number 1 priority. It affects almost all functions of the body and mind. Our bodies think that swimming is a very high risk because we do not have access to immediate breathing. The feeling of wanting to breathe a lot is the way in which the body forces us to never lack oxygen. The problem with hyperventilation is that while it increases the oxygen level in the blood, it decreases the oxygen levels in the muscles and brain. As we said, breathing a lot reduces carbon dioxide. With too little carbon dioxide in the blood, blood vessels constrict and red blood cells retain oxygen instead of delivering it to the brain and muscles. This discovery was called the Bohr effect. Our dry-land channel: Swimming camps: If you like swimming, you will like our webpage: Our favorite Amazon products: Instragram: Facebook: Thanks for watching! Swim fast! Sources:,25%20to%2030%20mm%20Hg.,to%20reduce%20acute%20pain%20perception. 00:00 - Bolt Score Test 00:39 - Shortness of breath when breathing 01:18 - Bohr Effect 01:53 - The most difficult 25 meters of my life. 02:51 - Dressel, Milak, Popovici, Mckeon, Ceccon 03:26 - Warning 05:28 - Three golden rules 06:42 - Exercise #1 “25E” 06:52 - Exercise #2 “Nasal 25s” 09:24 - Exercise #3 “Mouth Tape” 10:47 - Denis.E and A-Aron


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