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Title:Killy - Bado (Official Audio Lyrics)

First of all the word BADO means not yet so the song is about a guy who is trying to approach a lady just near him a lady from the same street with him but that lady doesn’t want to be with him,a guy has a low life under 1$ per day so he used to go to that ladys’ house several times and knock the door without even fearing and telling her many words that if she gives him a chance he will marry her and loves her so much but still a lady doesn’t want to be with him and even she doesn’t want to listen to him at all but still a guy is forcing he is still continue to aproach her avery single day but a lady is not responding to a guy there is a time a guy can’t even sleep well at night because of her and sometimes he asked her that or may be because he has nothing to give her or because he can’t even send a credit to her when she needs a credit to her phone…!? at the end of the day a guy is telling her that he will not get tired he will continue to try approaching her again and again even if she can’t understand him that the time of getting tired is not yet to come that he gonna wait untill she respond him. Follow Killy on; Instagram: TikTok:,b0&social_share_type=4&utm_source=copy&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAA6iHGhRrhajHsGoLtz6Shoz7aqK5-Z1vbzZspY-D-RIsV1_Emy5uzCiPX0NO04q8C&tt_from=copy&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=client_share&enable_checksum=1&user_id=6812271705048040454&share_link_id=E08BC2B4-FEA7-40D1-B7D3-21F6881249FC&share_app_id=1233 Listen to Killy on; Audiomack:


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