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Title:After World's End | Dark Screen Audiobooks for Sleep

Please support us with a small donation to help us keep this channel running! πŸŒ›β™₯ Because we do not run ads that would wake you up, your support makes this channel possible! For Modern Audiobooks check out Audible πŸ‘‰ (This affiliate link provides a small portion of the sale to support this channel at no additional expense to you) For a free Sleep Guide with best practices for sleep, sign up to our mailing list at πŸŒ™ Subscriptions help this channel more than you know! Thank you so much for watching and helping this channel reach more people! πŸŒ™ πŸ“– Audiobook: After World's End by Jack Williamson πŸŽ™οΈRecording by: Mark Nelson 🎧 Ambience: No Ambiance For the channel's BEST audiobooks: Check out the brand new Website! View our entire catalogue at (Audiobook Player in the "Sleep App" tab) Librivox Recording: Summary: Could the Earthmen ever win against Malgarth, the Robot monster? Was their only hope Barry Horn, who had waked from the age-long amnesic sleep of the cosmic rays, and Dona Keradin, the wonder-girl in the carbon crystal? When adventurer, Barry Horn, is chosen to be the worlds first Rocketeer, the first human to set foot on other worlds, he is reluctant to accept the job until he receives a vision seemingly from his late wife telling him he must go or all humanity will be lost. - Summary by Original text and Goodreads --------- Fall asleep in minutes! Calming voice and soothing background noise to fall asleep. Screen turns completely black. Video fades to a dark screen so you don't have to deal with any light. Calming voices and ambient sounds are combined to relax and create an atmosphere that helps you fall asleep. Audio engineered to be soft and slow. Perfect to help you sleep! Black Screen Audiobooks for Sleep! Improve Sleep #sleepaid Self Development #selfcare Insomnia Relief #sleep Calming Voices #relaxing No light #blackscreen Full Length Audiobooks #longaudiobooks Stories before Bedtime #bedtimestories ASMR/ CALMING ENVIRONMENTAL SOUNDS + AUDIO BOOK READINGS #sleepaudiobook #blackscreen #darkscreensleep #asmr #sleep self improvement adventure #darkscreenaudiobook fiction audio book black screen mystery novels for sleep


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