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Title:The Naruto Mysteries Iceberg Explained

Itachi had Aids: Rock Lee has autism: Uzamaki lived in land of waves: For those that don’t already know, an iceberg video is a video where you take an iceberg tiers image and explain each caption on it. An iceberg tier image is an edited image that takes a certain subject and tiers information about that subject from least to most obscure. So for a normal naruto iceberg, the top tier would something like “Kakashi got the sharingan from Obito” while something on the lowest tier would be something like Itachi can use water style. But I’m not interested in just listing off a bunch of facts about the series because there’s not much to be done with that information. I also haven’t found in naruto icebergs in that style that I like. I’m more interested in the mysteries of the series when it comes to an iceberg video. So that’s why I’ve made my own naruto iceberg of fan theories about the instances in naruto we don’t know fully about. Typically iceberg videos put the theories about the odd occurrences as the captions so I did the same to keep the same spirit. I’ll still be starting each caption by explaining the mystery before the fan theory though. The way I’ve tiered my iceberg is by how often the mystery is discussed. The first tier is what I consider to be commonly talked about and the fourth tier is what I consider to be very rarely discussed. The fifth tier is reserved for odd occurrences that either I have seen no one other than me bring up or I have only seen discussed a handful of times. So as I go from theory to theory my confidence in them will probably vary wildly as it is not tiered by confidence but instead by obscurity. That’s about all the context I think I need to give for this video, so I’ll go ahead and start with the first tier of theories. discord: outro song: #naruto #akatsuki #hokage


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