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Title:Tone: Nirvana | Live at the Paramount - Kurt Cobain

*NOTE: Please excuse my sloppy playing, I am not a great guitarist, I'm just trying to capture the tone for this show* Firstly a big thanks to Black Cat Yeah for his help in making this video! In this video I have attempted to recreate the guitar tone of Kurt Cobain during the Live at the Paramount show on October 31st, 1991. To do this I used the following equipment: -Squier Bullet Strat with Seymour Duncan JB Jr in bridge -Fender 66 reissue Jaguar with Dimarzio Super Distortion in bridge. -Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amplifier -Electro Harmonix Small Clone -Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion -TC electronic Polytune (The white pedal) -Shure SM57 microphone -GRIT microphone Here is the amp settings: Dirty channel, drive 7 o'clock, bass at 11 o'clock, mids 2 o'clock, treble at 2 o'clock. Presence at 10 o'clock. No reverb DS-2 Settings: Tone 11 o'clock, level 3 o'clock, distortion full. Small Clone Settings: Depth switch down, rate 5 o'clock Song List: 0:06 Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam 0:54 Aneurysm 2:40 Drain You 4:20 School 5:37 Floyd The Barber 6:16 Smells Like Teen Spirit 7:44 About A Girl 8:44 Polly 9:15 Breed 10:13 Sliver 10:50 Love Buzz 11:18 Lithium 12:09 Been A Son 12:43 Negative Creep 13:25 On A Plain 14:55 Blew 15:48 Rape Me 17:30 Territorial Pissings 18:01 Endless, Nameless 19:46 Pedal and amp settings. Thanks for watching, please feel free to comment and ask any questions!


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