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Title:SADHGURU Solves Life’s Most Challenging Questions - Interview & Influencer Q&A | Know Thyself EP 1

Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Sadhguru is a mystic, yogi, visionary & NY Times best-selling author. He started one of the largest volunteer run non-profit organizations in the world called The Isha Foundation. Sadhguru's teachings have drastically improved my life for the better and I wish for his wisdom to impact the lives of as many people as possible. I find that his explanations on various life’s topics are not only refreshing but revealing. You can feel the resonance of his words to be describing reality the way it is - not just by his opinion or belief. What does true liberation and self-realization feel like? How do we escape the cycle of Samsara & realize our true nature - therefore ending suffering? We discuss these topics and more: - How to gain true clarity in life - What is real self-transformation - How your beliefs keep you blind - Where to begin on the spiritual path - Various meditation practices - Psychedelics - do they help or hinder? - The privilege of voting - The impact of pornography Please drop in the comments below what you benefited most from while listening. Timecodes 0:00 - Intro 4:08 - Sadhguru's enlightenment story 15:23 - How to gain clarity 25:57 - Feeling lost? 34:15 - Understanding the human experience 39:36 - Animal suffering & the pursuit of happiness 54:30 - Social media - the time is now for awakening. 1:03:12 - Q&A Begins 1:03:40 - The balance of being and doing 1:15:37 - Honoring native indigenous people 1:25:13 - PSYCHEDELICS: help or hinder? 1:36:45 - Meditation: maintain the connection. 1:49:35 - VOTING: A privilege 1:59:39 - Indigenous people's pain 2:04:18 - Pornography & sex trafficking I had the chance within a 72 hour notice to organize this gathering as Sadhguru would be coming into town. I made a bunch of phone calls and was able to pull off what you see in this video. Special thanks to @iAzrya & @Benjamin_Bequer for being the hosts of this gathering and allowing us to use their property in Malibu, CA called “The Second Mountain.” _____ Part of why I make these vids is so as I continue to grow on my journey I have something to look back on. Thanks for watching it with me. You are loved. ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: YouTube: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media


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