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Title:I Can't Believe I Sold This for $3750!

I made a $3,500 conference table from salvaged wood from an 1800s warehouse. Thank you Chattanooga. I also made a few mistakes along the way. 🙏 Thank you to the top-tier Patreons: Dave Meyer, Shane Cleavelin, Tim Epperson, Michael Downs, John Shiesser, Louis Brooks, John Lee Clair, Cameron Bryant, Linda Mizak, Aaron Geller, Matt Outlaw @731Woodworks , Wayne Miller, Malcom McCutcheon, Matthew Goode, James Engelhardt, Troy Hall, Liam P Burke, Corey Davoll, Steve Thompson, Kevin Boatswain, Brad Logston, Dan Holley, Davin Ohms, David H Solomon, Devin Perkins, & William Taylor. 🤝 Join the cool kid's club here: 🥾 Interested in the boots I showed? Get $10 off your Brunt workwear here: | code: WITTWORKS10 for $10 off Special thanks to: 🙈 👉 My second channel that ignores the algorithm and tells stories: 👨‍💻 My product website: 🧰 TOOLS I USED IN THE VIDEO (affiliate) 🧰 Bora Centipede 20mm Table: Bora Centipede Base: Boots: I have the leather Marin Comp Toe & the Ryng Low which is more DIY-friendly and lightweight: Metal Detector: Bora Roller Stand: iVAC Pro Tool Plus Tool Sensor: iVac Pro Switch: Milescraft Grabber (love this for jointer work): Milescraft Drill Guide: Rockler Drill Guide: Pop up outlet: 💥🦈 xTool D1 PRO 20w: xTool Air Assist: xTool Honeycomb Working Panel: Smoke Purifier: Enclosure: Makita Corded Track Saw: Makita Corded Track Saw: POWERTEC 55" Track Pair: CMT ITK Tracksaw blades: (Use the code CMT10 to get 10% off) Tracksaw Ratchet Clamp: TSO Guide Rail Square: Festool CT Midi (its worth the money): Red Aluminium Base for Makita Palm Router: CMT 45 Degree Bit: Double-sided tape for woodworkers: 5 Tape Starter Pack: Double-sided tape for woodworkers: 1/4-20 Tap: Epoxy: Sandpaper I use: 3M Xtract: Festool 150 (6") Padsaver: Festool 125 (5") Padsaver: 3m HookIt: the first Festool sander I bought: the big boy I prefer: TSO MTR-X Triangle: Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C: On the Zon: 5" Buffing Pads: Large Plastic Syringe: Semiexact Spider Legs: 🚨 MAKERS COMMUNITY 🚨 🗣 Connect with other cool makers like you on our Discord server: 🤝 You like the vibes? Join our tribe! Support my work by joining the Sawdust & Sarcasm Squad: 📸 Follow behind the scenes on The Gram: 👨‍💻 My website: 🛒 My Etsy Shop: 💵 Use code YOUTUBE20 to get 20% off. ⏱ TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 00:00 The Plan 1:58 Step 1: Find a Bandsaw for $10 3:28 Step 2: Refuse to do Math 4:22 Step 3: Resaw like a Virgin 10:25 Step 4: Trigger the Festool Haters 12:29 Step 5: Cut a 45 Degree Bevel Like a Pro 16:15 Step 6: Don't Listen to Suman 19:07 Step 7: Cut a Hole in Da Box 21:59 Step 8: Pretend to be Blacktail Studio 24:12 Step 9: Finish 26:37 Cost & Time Breakdown 27:57 Client's Reaction DISCLAIMERS: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


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