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Title:Google NotebookLM Just Changed Note-taking Forever

Master ChatGPT, Midjourney, and top 50 AI tools with Our New AI Education Platform. Start a free trial today: Google has released a new platform called NotebookLM that may change how you do research, take notes, and organize everything online. NotebookLM lets you read, take notes, ask questions, organize your ideas, and much more -- all with the power of Google AI helping you at every step of the way. NotbeookLM is powered by Google's latest AI model Gemini. You can access NotebookLM with a free Google account. It will be limited to user outside of the U.S. but check for yourself to see if it’s available to you. To start using NotebookLM, first, we need to create a notebook. A notebook is where I’ll store everything related to one topic that I’m researching. In this case, I’m working on a course for another AI tool called Microsoft Copilot, so I’ll store all my research in one page. Then, you need to add a source. The source can be documented in your Google Drive, PDFs, text files, or copied text. You can add 20 different documents from Drive, each containing 200,000 words. Once you add one or more sources, you can use the chat box and prompt it to interact with your sources. With each chat, you can choose to pin the chat to keep track of all your conversations. Access Top Courses on ChatGPT and 50+ AI Tools on Our E-Learning Platform:


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