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Title:Is a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine possible? | Start Here

The Israel-Gaza war has got many people talking again about the need for a two-state solution. It’s often presented as the only option to bring lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. But what is the two-state solution? Is it actually possible? And why are some people talking about a “one-state solution” instead? #AJStartHere with Sandra Gathmann explains. Chapters: 01:00 - What is a two-state solution? 02:34 - The Balfour Declaration and its implications 03:05 - The British proposal to partition historic Palestine in 1937 03:30 - The proposed UN partition plan in 1947 04:05 - What happened in the 1948 war 04:40 - The Green Line and the 1967 war 05:55 - How Yasser Arafat recognised Israel in 1988 06:30 - The Oslo Accords and how they didn’t promise a Palestinian state 09:05 - Israeli and Palestinian opposition to the peace process 11:20 - The Second Intifada 12:00 - Attempts to keep the peace process going after Oslo 12:40 - Major obstacles to the peace process - settlements 13:39 - Major obstacles to the peace process - Israeli politics 14:09 - Major obstacles to the peace process - Palestinian politics 16:35 - Why October 7th has got people talking again about the two-state solution. 18:53 - Is all the talking about a two-state solution part of the problem? 19:18 - Why some people argue for a one-state solution This episode features: Diana Buttu - Palestinian lawyer & analyst; legal advisor to the PLO negotiating team 2000-2005. Nathan Brown - Professor of political science, George Washington University Gideon Levy - Israeli journalist & author Mouin Rabbani - Co-editor, Jadaliyya Rami Khouri - Distinguished fellow, American University of Beirut #Palestine #Israel #Gaza #GazaWar #OccupiedWestBank #OccupiedEastJerusalem #PalestinianState #TwoStateSolution #PalestinianAuthority You can find all Start Here episodes here: Subscribe Al Jazeera so you don’t miss future episodes: Follow Sandra Gathmann on Instagram and X: @SandraGathmann And let us know in the comments if there’s a topic you find confusing and would like Start Here to cover ⤵️


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