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Title:Grandest Abandoned Italian Renaissance Mansion in USA! ~ Elkins Manor

Go to to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. Exploring abandoned places is my hobby and finance it all out of my own pocket and the donations I get from the people who love watching the documentaries we make... A small donation would be greatly appreciated! ► Elkins Manor, A remnant of the American gilded age, it astonished many over the last century but has now been lost in time. The Construction of this prominent building started in 1898, only a year after the neighboring building, Lynnewood hall! The design and construction of this renowned masterpiece were ordered by William L Elkins and carried out by the architect Horace Trumbauer. Elkins Manor Boasts 45 rooms that have been inspired by and built in the style of the Italian High Renaissance, Every single corner in this place has been thought about and designed into perfection. After the Elkins lived here for 3 decades the place was sold off and bought by The Dominican Sisters who converted it into a women's religious retreat, Thousands of Women visited and lived inside the Estate over the course of 75 years, and the remains of that time period are still to be seen throughout the mansion. The Dominican sisters took exceptional care of the estate and up kept every single piece of historical value in detail, but unfortunately, over time the needs and economics of the Dominican sisters changed, They could not keep up the mortgage payments on this massive property and filed for bankruptcy. In the year 2013, The Dominican sisters vacated the property. Almost a decade later renovations of this masterpiece have started, we got an exclusive chance to take a look at its magnificent insides and show you the remnants of this former beauty! SOCIALS: TikTok ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Filmed by Lesley Edited by ES Forgotten (Danny) @ES.Forgotten #abandoned #exploring #explore #elkinsmanor


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